How To keep Employees From Leaving? | Top 9 Ideas

How To keep Employees From Leaving?

Keeping your employees motivated for result-oriented tasks, indeed you need to conduct a different exercise to determine the issues they face. 

Conduct motivation boosts activities on the premises of your office and provides an equal opportunity to expresses themselves. Find out those factors which are forcing employees to demotivate.  

Indeed, we'll discuss some important topics and actions that can help the manager to uplift the motivational level of employees. Motivational Quotes For Work Success

How To Keep Employees From Leaving | Top 9 Ideas

While the organization invests a substantial amount of money in buying and maintaining machinery, keeping employees motivated is often overlooked. 

However, since human beings are decidedly different from machines, they need to be motivated and at the time even pampered.

JOB SECURITY: Make your employees feel wanted and secure to keep them committed to the organization.

BENEFITS: pay your employees more than what the market offers. Review their benefits package on a yearly basis. Make sure that your employees are aware of the benefits that are being given to them.

OBJECTIVES: Ensure that the objectives chalked out for each individual are clear and can easily understand.

COMMUNICATION: Maintain open channels of communication and keep team members updated on the organization’s progress. Institute a system of training to enhance employee’s skills. This will result in individual and organizational development.

OPEN DOOR POLICY: Make sure that you are accessible to your team members at all times. 

Ensure that team members are accessible to each other as well. Maintain a friendly work environment so that your employees feel like coming to work and can enjoy their job. 

Initiate a fair system of rewards so all employees get equal benefits from their organization. How To Analyze Employee's Benefits

EVENT: Arrange get-together like annual dinners. Arrange picnics, social events, etc. so that the team turns into a family. 

Make it a point to remember employee’s special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, etc. when employees are faced with a crisis, take care of them.

Always be motivated and energetic to accomplish assigned responsibility and acknowledge the work done by team members. 

Motivation is an unmatched factor to get the best result from the team, so organize informally meetings to acknowledge the outcomes and use trustworthy remarks to enhance the motivational level high.

  • Acknowledgment of his/her performance
  • Informal discussion according to the nature of the goal
  • Improved compensation
  • Enable work Environment
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Trust is the best motivation
  • The best employee of the month
  • 5 Things you must exercise to become a success administrative assistant
  • These skills are minor but more effective things that can improve your work skills to prove yourself in front of your line manager.
An administrative assistant should be the first to resume office and maintain office timing strictly. 

Follow the official rules and regulations to adhere to policy compliance. Delegate tasks to the subordinates and monitor the progress from time to time to get desired outcomes. 

Punctuality is the key to success and it will provide enough time to rethink the tasks which have to done and what has been done.

Indeed An administrative assistant should have the knowledge to prioritize all daily tasks with the importance of the task. This practice will increase the efficiency of work. Types of Inventory Management Systems

Always set the datelines for all tasks and try to complete the job within the datelines.  

Handover all completed tasks to the concerned official and get feedback for further improvement if needed. Close coordinate with line manager to get pieces of advice and suggestion to get quality in work progress.

An administrative assistant should involve practically in all tasks which are delegated to other colleagues. 

Conduct research methodologies to increase job quality. Physical appearance with a team is a more effective and result-oriented approach. 

Evaluate all tasks with the requirements and make corrections where needed. Incorporate additional important factors to get effective results from the job task

Top 3 Reasons Where Employees leave their jobs

1.      Work-life balance
2.      Career growth
3.      Compensation

However, there are many other reasons which prompt an employee to leave. It is extremely essential to ensure that your employees are engaged and satisfied.
An engaged employee will:
Talk positively about the organization to outside people like his friends, family members, etc.

Stretch beyond his limits…will try to give more than is expected willingly
Will be loyal to the organization i.e. will stay for a longer period.

There are many factors that affect the engagement index and can also be considered as primary reasons for attrition. They are broadly classified into the following categories:
  • Company brand
  • Managers/ boss
  • Peers
  • Working condition
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Career development
  • Compensation and benefits
Under each of these categories, there are several subcategories.
The best way to find out why employees in your organization are quitting:
Should have proper exit forms, which will give you a lot of insights into why the employee considered leaving. 

Keep interacting with employees regularly. Have a one-on-one with employees. Have an informal discussion. 

Take them out for coffee, lunch, etc. Meeting 1 to 2 employees every day is not a difficult task. 

You can conduct group exercises. But please make sure that the managers are not a part of it. Many employees would hesitate to open up.

Conduct surveys periodically. You can frame questions based on the categories mentioned above. 

Surveys are great in understanding the grey areas. You can also conduct surveys for employees who have joined recently. 

Developed analytics to measure the engagement index and other metrics specific to the organization. You may talk to the managers and understand how the team functions. 

Conduct programs for employees. The example you can have counseling sessions by external experienced counselors. Learn Employee Insurance Benefits

The key is to keep interacting with as many employees as possible. You will always find one person in a team who will surely talk about group dynamics. 

But yeah at the same time ensure that necessary actions are taken to address the grey areas.

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