Top 15 Executive Secretary Job Responsibilities List

Executive Secretary Job Responsibilities

The executive secretary position is a focal point to disseminate information to all sections, and represent the organization in front of outsiders.  

Orient all visitors about the organization’s aims and objectives and assists the manager in daily office works.  Indeed in his post, we’ll describe the specific tasks of the executive secretary.

The executive secretary is responsible to arrange all logistics support for the office manager as well as other staff to facilitate their field visits to the program area.  Arrange hotel accommodations and provide transport facilities during the field visit to office staff.

Be polite and manage multiple tasks with their importance and demand.  Be calm and polite during the workload time and get help from others to accomplish the job assigned in a good manner. 

Allocate office time and priorities all things which need to be done. Specify all tasks on an important basis and act as professionals while doing job assignments. What are employee's health insurance benefits?

Executive Secretary Job Responsibilities

Organize all events and tasks and delegate information to all concerned managers about the activities. Keep a track record of all correspondence between or outside stakeholders. 

Regularly maintain and update contact numbers and office addresses of the concerned line department for future correspondence.

Executive Secretary Job Responsibilities

Draft and type all official letters and memos on behalf of the manager and circulate it among the relevant official and keep dispatch records accordingly. 

Manage all appointments for line managers both internal and external delegation. Keep and update official guest records and inform all relevant departments well in time to take proper actions needed.

Coordinate with an official on behalf of the supervisor and inform all such meetings and key tasks and do a follow-up when required. 

Prepare a section-wise filing system to trace all records on a need basis.  Organize the tracing system on the computer to dig out information when needed.

Keep an updated record of all items i.e. office furniture, IT types of equipment, and other items into the inventory register.  

Update inventory stock registers regularly and shares them with the admin and finance department from time to time.  

Arrange the auction process with support from the admin department quarterly basis as per organization policy and share all records with the finance section to settle financial matters accordingly. Motivational Quotes For Work Success

He/she should have the ability to supervise lower staff and delegate tasks as per requirement. Keep controlling skills to manage all human resources diligently to achieve the best results.

Good communication skills
Computer Operation Skills
Confidentiality maintain Skills
Telephone Operation Skills
Must have stress management skills
Must have team players skills
Be punctual with office standard timing

Minimum graduate from a reputed institution and must have at least 5 years of practical work experience in a similar position.


With effective communication, an executive secretary can make people; departments, and organizations work more efficiently and assist the organizational activities productively. 

Communication is one of the best sources that an executive secretary can use to develop consensus among the team players.

Coordination is an important skill that is needed to implement administrative plans. An amicable liaison and coordination with in-house staff and outside organization is very important to achieve the Goals/objectives of the organization

The executive secretary plays a key role in the delegation of work, disseminate information, etc. 

Delegation is entrusting authority and responsibility to other sections in the organization to complete a clearly defined and agreed task under the supervision of the administration section while retaining the overall responsibility for the success of the work. 

Indeed, the executive secretary delegates tasks to the concerned subordinate with positive thinking to get the desired job done. 

Flexibility is the key factor to success in professional life.  Think deeply and approach differently to complete the assigned task to get a better result. CV Writing Tips

Maintain all mailing lists and contact numbers of important and regular contacts. Update and inform all contact information to the immediate supervisor on a need basis. 

Be familiar with all operations of the telephone exchange and collect all calls with good sound and polite communication skills to give good gestures. 

Redirect calls to the relevant officials and keep a record of all incoming and outgoing calls on a daily basis. Full Meaning of CCTV

Key Responsibilities of a Secretary
  • Handling all the phone calls that the manager gets
  • Replying to all the correspondence that comes for the manager and on time
  • Fixing all the appointments the manager has to attend throughout the day and making sure that they attend them
  • Briefing the manager on the agenda before every meeting
  • Collecting all the reports on behalf of the management
  • Coordinating for the manager with the other departments
  • Having a daily schedule prepared for the manager before they arrive in the office
  • Keeping a track of employee birthdays so the manager can wish the employee
  • Acting as a bridge between management and employees
  • Assisting the manager during meetings
  • Attending the meeting if the manager is absent
  • Running personal errands for the manager if required
  • Coordinating with other assistants
  • They even have to train certain new employees

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