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Full Job Description of Finance Officer

Full Job Description of Finance Officer

Finance transactions are common routine works in any organization either in Marketing companies or Non-profit organizations. 

The Finance Officer plays a key role to handle all financial requirements. Keep a record of all funding received and maintain expenses details according to the organization's policies and procedures.

The finance officer is responsible to look day to day finance and accounts activities. Bookkeeping and reconciliation of general ledger of all transactions annually, quarterly and monthly expenses occurred.


Job Title

Finance Officer


Head Office

Reports to

Manager Finance

Direct Reports

Accounts Assistants


Day-to-day finance and account activities. Bookkeeping and reconciliation of general ledger.


Preparation of vouchers, data entry in accounting software.

Receive all expenses details from a section in the shape of bills to pay vendors.  Check all bills with cross-checking tools and verified all expenses as per annual budget allocation. Prepare payment vouchers and cheques in favor of suppliers and expenses out from the budget.

Review the payment request as per the approved budget.

Review and reconcile all payment requests from suppliers and develop a comprehensive expense sheet as per the allocated budget line and charge all payments in the predefine budget line. Report all expenses to allocated heads.

Reconciliation of cash and bank balances and accounts.

Collect bank statements and reconcile all payment expenses accordingly.

Reconciliation of General ledger.

Update and maintain financial general ledger monthly basis to cross-check with bank accounts.

Documentation and reconciliation of funds received and disbursed.

Report all expenses to concerned donors and report all expenses reconciliation of funds received and disbursed.

Preparation and settlement of debit notes.

Prepare debit notes to all concerned offices and charge the expenses made on behalf of other offices. Settle all debit notes monthly basis.

Preparation of staff salary and allowances and other payments.

Prepare and disburse all staff salary monthly and charge expenses to the operational cost according to the budget line.

Preparation of monthly and quarterly reports and documents for audit queries.

Generate all financial reports and documents for annual audit purposes.

Ensuring and managing proper documentation and filing.

Make sure all financial records are properly maintained in the concerned file and keep all records in safe custody.

Closing periodical and yearly accounts.

In consultation with other offices, collect all financial data, and update its general ledger annually. Make sure all financial transactions close up annually.

Verification of stores and maintaining relations with banks and suppliers.

Verify all store inventory stock register and liaise with all suppliers and banks entirely

Assist and support supervisor for statutory, management, donor, or special audits.

Assist finance in charge in accordance to undertake all financial report ready for management review and annual audits

Maintain strictly confidentiality of work.

Keep all financial transaction record in safe custody and make sure of strict confidentiality.



Bachelor of  Commerce

Related work experience & training


3 Years

Special skills required



Age Limit / Physical Fitness / Other factors

Minimum 25 years of age, physically fit, and able to handle pressure work assignments. How To Develop a Good CV?

What is the full form of a CV?



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