Maternity Leave Around The World

Maternity Leave Around The World
If you're pregnant whereas working, you're entitled to maternity leave. The title to a basic amount of maternity leave from employment extends to all or any feminine staff (including casual workers), in spite of however long you have got been operating for the organization or the number of hours worked per week.

You are entitled to twenty-six weeks’ maternity leave along with sixteen weeks' further unpaid maternity leave, that begins right away when the tip of maternity leave. associate degree extension is accessible within the event of premature birth.

Your title to pay and superannuation throughout maternity leave depends on the terms of your contract of employment. Employers don't seem to be obligated to pay girls WHO square measure on maternity leave.

Maternity Leave Around The World

You are additionally entitled to require up to a further sixteen weeks’ additional maternity leave, that begins right away when the tip of maternity leave. this era isn't lined by Maternity profit, neither is your leader obligated, unless otherwise in the agreement, to form any payment throughout this era - see below.

Maternity Leave Around The World
If you become sick whereas you're on further maternity leave you will raise your leader if you will finish the extra maternity leave. Maternity leave is only for married female employees who work in any kind of organization, many organizations have inducted this special clause to provide a little bit of relief to females.

 A female employee can avail of the maternity leave a maximum of 90 days while she gives childbirth.
Yes indeed, almost all organizations of government, semi-government, and public sector, private and nongovernmental organizations allow maternity leave with pay.

On single childbirth, the female employee can avail the maximum 75 days with a salary. After completion of 75 days, she can avail earn leave for more days to provide feeding necessities to a newly born child.

Delivery with Caesarian case or multiple births can avail extra days to care for own health and feeding of Childs. An employee taking a sick leave should inform the competent authority well on time. The sick leave available due to the following conditions:

In the case of incompetency to perform duties due to hazards or serious injuries an employee may be granted additional sick leave for 30 days with paid on approval of the competent authority. During this period an employee can avail of all benefits i.e. health insurance, outpatient facilities including monthly salary.

An employee should produce a medical rest certificate from a consulting physician with bad rest recommendations. If the employee failed to present the true rest documents, he/she will be considered leave without pay of the entire period.

Unauthorized absence from duty will lead to deduct salary of the absence dates. Unauthorized absence day to exceed 3 days an employee will face disciplinary action unless the employee is able to explain his/her position and supervisor satisfied with the justification shown by the employee in front of him.

Different Leave provision to employees:
Annual Leave maxim 30 days in a calendar year
Sick Leave 10 days to cater to outpatient cases and injuries occurred
Casual leave a maximum of 3 days to cover unexpected situations

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