15 Ultimate Administrative Assistant Skills Summary

15 Ultimate Administrative Assistant Skills Summary
The administrative assistant is a focal point of information sharing with all stakeholders. An administrative assistant should have the following 5 powerful skills to facilitate all associated peoples with a great sense of humor.

In this article, we’ll elaborate top 5 powerful administrative assistant skills that will allow space to implement all things full of confidence.

Make sure all things are under control and every person doing the job according to the job description provided by the jobholder. Develop the assets movement mechanism and orient all to compliance with the organization policy. Develop proper handing taking the format and get filled forms to incorporate information into the main assets inventory book.

Fixed assets items to be purchased will be listed in the Annual Capital Expenditure Budget with approximate prices.  Approval to purchase items must include a reference to the Capital Expenditure Budgets and deviations must be explained. Permission must be obtained from the line manager to exceed the total Capital Expenditure Budget for a given field office or head office. Top 6 Ideas to Learn Office Assistant Skills

Administrative Assistant Skills Summary

Computer operation is a key skill to manage all things around you in office, be familiar with commonly using computer software, and provide technical assistance to other team members whenever need. Review the hurdles in work progress and apply all parameters to reduce work complications. Share issues with the line manager and incorporate his/her feedback to settle work complications. Key Tasks of Admin Manager

Indeed confidentiality is a key factor to keep all proceedings secure and confidential until the work is done.  Keep a soft and hard record in safe custody and reveal it at the right time with the right person.

A fixed asset definition is called to determine the consumable and non-consumable items in the office inventory register. Fixed assets are the sole property of organizations and organizations have the right to hold it and have options to repair for office use purposes.

All non-consumable assets i.e. vehicle car, equipment and appliance, furniture and fixtures and computers and allied items are called fixed assets for any organization.

Setup a fixed asset depreciation profile and then select the sum of year’s duration in the depreciation column and asset that the devalue profile is allocated to define devalue rate based on the acquisition price and a % that decrease year to year. The product % depends on the number of product life years

There are dozens of items which we can determine in the fixed item category i.e. office building is owned by the organization. Electricity supply generators, motorbikes,  refrigerator,  heating stoves, roof fans, wall fans, office chairs, office table including side racks,  steel cabinets, telephone sets, water coolers, TV/LEDs, vacuum cleaner machine, fax machine, personal computer, laptops, officially provided mobile sets, room coolers, and air conditions. Administrative Officer Job Description

Office furniture and fixtures,  IT equipment, motor vehicles, heating stoves, air conditions, office crockery, wooden cabins, steel almirah, etc.

Following are the non-consumable items which are called fixed assets.

Equipment & Appliances
Furniture & Fixtures
Computers & Allied

Commonly each and every organization maintains office inventory register to check all items are in place and working conditions.  The inventory register or checklist is also needed to present in the organization’s annual financial audits.

Under motor vehicle: separate all-in with models, manufacturing year, heavy-duty, light-duty, motorcycles and bicycle codes. Allocate inventory sub coding to the personal computer desktop, laptops, phones, tablets, and mobile devices. Top 5 Professional Development Goals

Divide it into a specific category i.e. office table, revolving chair, side rack, file cabinet, guest chairs, and cupboards. Have full knowledge of the job description and try to deliver the best results of tasks.  Analyze the outcomes in-depth and include useful elements to get the perfect result of the task.

As per organization policy, the Manager Admin & Finance is responsible to monitor all activities i.e. financial matters, a supply mechanism, proper inventory, and assets utilization.

Administrative Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

Position Details:
Position Title: Administrative Assistant
Project:  Renewal Energy Department
Duty Station: Central Office
Reporting: Manager Administration
Duration: Purely contract basis, initially for the period of one year; may extendable subject to satisfactory performance and need of the organization
Directly Reporting Staff: Admin/Support Staff
Remuneration:  Negotiable

Key Duties:
Work under the supervision of Manager Administration, the administrative assistant will perform a variety of general administrative and clerical tasks. Key duties are mentioned below.
  • Perform clerical functions such as preparing correspondence; arrange conference calls, and scheduling conference rooms/meetings.
  • Receive incoming bills and outgoing cheques and maintain in-out register daily basis
  • Prepare/ complete supporting documents and process payment of suppliers.
  • Routine clerical support (filing, faxing and photocopying
  • Review attendance summary in the prescribed format at the end of every month and submit to the HR department.
  • Coordinate any required repair to office equipment/building etc.
  • Assist in making staff travel arrangements
  • Vehicle and generator maintenance (Oil, Diesel, Repair, Logbooks, Mileage Report, Maintenance Order, etc).
  • Assist Manager Administration in tagging of capital assets.
  •  Maintain adequate office stationery, office supplies at the store.
  • Monitoring and regularly updating of stock and asset database and monthly physical of the store and reconcile with GRN and SIN.
  • Assist Manager Administration in maintaining office premises, offices, conference room’s spick and span.
  • Prepare proper goods received notes GRN and SIN for assets, stock received and issued.
  • Maintain maintenance order for all general and vehicle maintenance.
  • Prepare mileage report in MS excel and assist Manager Administration to develop the VMMR database.
  • Any other tasks assigned by the supervisor

Qualification, Skills and Experience Required.
Sixteen years of education in public administration with at least one-year post qualification experience in office administration with well-reputed Non-Governmental Organizations, firms, or Government organization; OR fourteen years of education in administration with at least three years relevant post-qualification experience with well-reputed INGOs, OR Government organizations.

Well versed in MS Office especially MS Excel, SharePoint, Outlook, and PowerPoint
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Ability to work well in multi-tasks environment, while demonstrating flexibility and dependently.
Able to work in a team and under pressure.
Flexible to change and quick to absorb new concepts.

Top 10 Administrative Assistant Skills

The administrative assistant should have complete knowledge and control systems to utilized available resources in the office and must have experience in how to utilize them. 

Resource Mobilization is a key function of administrative assistant to control all misusing resources and make sure all the available resources are in place to mobilize it according to the policy and minimize the cost. 

An administrative assistant with the help of a line should develop a comprehensive and result-oriented mechanism to mobilize all resources correctly. Key duties of administrative assistant

Follow all administrative and financial police compliances including delegate all resources to the concerned employees with proper handling and taking process.
Administrative Assistant Skills Summary

The key role of any administration is to manage the organizational activities timely so that they could get optimum output within optimum resources and time. Utilize the official time with professionally and intelligently to get the daily task done. 

An administrative assistant should have the ability to adopt new skills and should have good learning skills to adopt all new things that can help him/her to manage office resources in a smart way. Get in touch with all stakeholders and be easily approachable.

Enable working environment is essential to proper use of administrative assistant skills in the office to perform a better way including for broad purpose.

Manage all subordinate to and delegate work responsibilities according to their capacity to get better outcomes and utilize all available human resources as per their job description provided by the job holder.  Able to monitor daily tasks assigned to Reporters and compile a progress report as well as disseminate progress done with all colleagues.

Be a focal person to collect all assignments from a different section and delegate work to concerned staff. Be punctual to adhere to the official attendance policy and manage all staff attendance properly.
The administration section works as a Supervisor in the organization. This supervisory role includes issues of production, quality, cost, human resources and safety of the organization. The supervisor handles the responsibilities to solve issues.

The head of administration will control all resources of the organization and management to distribute all resources equally to all other sections of the organization. 22 Ultimate HR Functions in any org

Execution of Organizational Rule:
Supervisors/administrative assistants are responsible to execute/implement the organization’s rules and regulations thoroughly. The administrative assistant not only finds out the root causes of low performances of the employees but also suggests course correction through conducting in house training and development programs timely.

The administrative assistant ensures that planned activities for the month implemented and gets the desired result and responsible to arrange monthly meetings to assess the performance of all employees who directly report to the administrative assistant.

Keep strong coordination relations with all key stakeholders including close clients?  Communicate all new developments in organizational policy and how to adopt. Provide orientation sessions to all clients from time to time.

Visit office premises to determine the security points of concerns and take appropriate actions with the approval of the immediate supervisor. Handle all visitors including accommodation and transportation facilities as per needs.

Maintain and update the physical and fixture of consumable and non-consumable items. Keep a record of all office furniture and equipment inventory for official purposes and annual audit purposes.
Strong admin skills: manage all daily routine basis tasks well in time.

Be able to operate accounting software to book all expenses in the relevant budget line and report to the head office. Able to handle a tough situation and behave calmly with teammates in the office. Full Job Description of Finance Officer

An administrative assistant position is a key job to control all things in a good line.  Prepare comprehensive and concrete task assignments to report employees. Monitor all activities carried out and give useful inputs to maximize work productivity. Be familiar with administrative roles and responsibilities according to the jobholder’s needs.
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