Employee Friendly Group Life Insurance Policies

Employee Friendly Group Life Insurance Policies

Employee Friendly Group Life Insurance Policies

The employee’s group life insurance is a key benefit of an employee who belongs to the organization and having an extended-term contract. The employer is responsible to get in roll all its employees either male or female including dependents i.e. spouse; kids are included in the group life insurance.

Human Resource department is key responsibilities to make sure that all employees including their dependents are in the list, an organization’s group life insurance, for that HR department collect all information while hiring of a new employee and start his/her group life process according.

Especially the organization’s driver's group life insurance is must cover their level of risk and provide the first aid kit including basic training to perform first aid utilization in place.

HR departments are responsible for collect all bids from insurance providing agencies and review the benefit of plan with staff and choose appropriate benefits of plan as per employees need and make sure to maximum coverage is in place.

Group life insurance benefits are key safety nets of an employee from top management to auxiliary staff. Driver’s job is riskier and they always on the road to perform duties with officials, so it is necessary to maximize their plan of benefit to entertain family if any accident occurred during the job duty.

Furthermore, in this article, we will discuss the most common benefits of group life insurance provided by the insurance companies. What is Resignation letter: Right Words

The ABC COMPANY is concerned about the welfare of the family in case of unfortunate death or disability of the employee while in the employment of the ABC COMPANY.

All staff members of the ABC COMPANY are insured under the Group Life Insurance Scheme in the event of early and untimely death.

The employees are insured against the following emergencies:

Natural death;
Accidental death;
Permanent/partial disability;
Temporary/total disability (accident only);
Terminal illness benefit (natural).

All employees irrespective of grade are covered up to a maximum sum of
PKR 5.0 million
The ABC COMPANY will arrange to ensure the employee.
The ABC COMPANY will update the insurance company in case of the separation of an employee.

All full-time employees (self, spouse and children) and employees on ABC COMPANY Contract (self only) shall be covered by the employee medical policy.

All full-time employees and those on ABC COMPANY Contract shall be paid an outpatient reimbursement of ten percent (10%) of basic salary per month with upper and lower limits set as per policy from time to time (currently minimum PKR 800/- per month and maximum PKR 7,000/- per month).

Full-time employees are required to ensure that details of all immediate family members (are submitted to HR Function on the prescribed format). The family shall mean the employee, his/her spouse and unmarried dependent children up to the age of 21 years only. What is Provident Fund Application Procedure

Families of Employees on ABC COMPANY Contract is not covered under this policy.

All permanent employees and their dependents (spouse and unmarried dependent children of up to 21 years of age only) shall be covered by a hospitalization insurance cover.

In all such cases, where the panel hospital is not used, the actual cost of hospitalization, up to the limits of the policy based on employee grades shall be reimbursed to the employee within the terms of the policy.

Reimbursements against hospitalization policy shall be effected by submitting all necessary documents to HR Function which shall lodge the claim with the insurance company.

No reimbursement shall be made for cosmetic, dental or optometric treatment and equipment.

The medical policy does not cover a spouse who is gainfully employed and is entitled to reimbursement of medical expenses from his/her employer.

Families of Employees on ABC COMPANY Contract is not covered under this policy.

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