Key Tasks of The Library Assistant Job Description

Key Tasks of  The Library Assistant Job Description
The library assistant job is to provide technical assistance to an in-charge library, in this article, we’ll discuss some important points that will provide them the basic concept regarding library tasks and how to manage all reading materials inline to dig out materials in an easy way. Key Lines of Assistant Officer Job Description



Job Title Library Assistant: Location Head Office: Reports to Librarian: Direct Reports: None

Manage and assist to the ABC library and provide maintenance, update and reference service to staff and public

Assist staff and the public by using library sources and reference material. Keep all books and reading the material in a searchable sequence to get information easily.

Compile bibliographies, reference/user guides, and indexes. Keep and update all reference guidelines and display it in front to collect information easily.

Evaluate collection of library material and manage the purchase of appropriate material, books, journals, etc according to budgetary guidelines. Coordinate with all book agencies for the latest books and materials that benefit the students as well, office employees.

Perform book cataloging. Standardized all bookshelves and cataloging mechanism to find relevant information with ease.

Maintain a database of available national and international publishers, book suppliers and electronic information resources.

Use the internet and e-mail to perform a variety of circulation tasks such as a list of new arrivals, etc for staff and relevant stakeholders.

Appraise, organize and process specialized archival collections/reports. Review all records once a year and check the material issues register and collect un return materials from students and employees. What is Good Covering Letter: Sample

Provide basic preservation and conservation of archival materials. Help readers in finding the old record from the library.

Collect and maintain report statistics. Coordinate with section heads and receive the latest progress reports and key reading materials for future reference.

Any other responsibilities allocated to the job holder.




Related Work Experience & Training

5 years
Special Skills Required
·         Latest knowledge of library archival issues and trends
·          Knowledge of books, electronic databases, internet resources, and reference material
·          Ability to ensure accuracy and adherence to established formats and procedures
·          Communication and writing
·          MS word and spreadsheets

Age Limit / Physical Fitness / Other factors

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