Resignation Letter: The Right Words

Resignation Letter

Manager of Human Resource
I regret to inform you that, I’m going to resignation from my position here with immediate effect as a human resource assistant.

I would like to say thank you for the organization has given me an opportunity to work and I have learned a lot of skills during my association with this organization.

I have spent my 5 years with this organization and under your kind supervision and gained many new experience strategies including professional working style.

I will be available for any work under progress to complete during my notice period. I would be very much appreciated if you release me the early date of next month.

I never forget the entire support which I got from you and other colleagues and hope to keep communication in the future.

Thank you

Resignation Letter: The Right Words

Organization Policies for Out Going Employees:
An employee may resign from the services of the ABC BANK, at any time, by giving one months’ notice in writing or make payment of the sum equivalent to gross pay in lieu of the notice period. The ABC BANK may at its sole discretion, waive or reduce the amount due by the employee in lieu of notice period.

For employees in grades Middle management and bellow, Head HR/Director HR may, at his/her sole discretion, waive or reduce the amount due to the employee in lieu of notice period, President/Board will waive this period for his direct reports i.e.  Middle and senior management

All benefits with regards to permissible leaves, bonus or LFA payable and retirement benefits, etc. of an employee shall cease as soon as the resignation is tendered and accepted, regardless of the notice period being served.

Exit Interview:
In all cases of resignation, HR will conduct a formal exit interview with the departing staff. The objective is to get a candid assessment of how the ABC BANK is perceived and what can be done for improvement. The exit interview notes will be filed with HR for further action if needed.

Superannuation and Retirement
Every employee shall retire from service on completing the sixtieth (60th) year of his/her age.

Early Retirement:
An employee may opt to retire after completing 25 years of continuous employment in the ABC BANK.  Deferred payments (Provident Fund and Gratuity) will be calculated on the basis of the actual period of service.

Employees will become eligible for gratuity at the rate of one month’s basic/Gross salary for each completed year of service with a maximum of 25 months.  The entitlement to gratuity will, however, commence after completion of 5 years of continuous service.

Retirement policy where an employee is unfit for the job
An employee who is declared unfit for further service by a Medical Board appointed by the ABC BANK, either at the request of the employee or at the instance of the ABC BANK, maybe retired from ABC BANK’s service by the competent authority.

Terminal benefits (Provident Fund and Gratuity) will be calculated on the basis of the actual period of service.


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