Top 10 Receptionist Duties in Office

Top 10 Receptionist Duties in Office

Receptionist plays a vital role in office administration and communication with other stakeholders. The receptionist post is just like a bridge between you and the customer. In this article, we’ll describe all key roles of receptionist and how he/she operate all communication mediums to interact with clients.

Top 10 Receptionist Duties in Office

Look Smart and Beautiful:
Smart and a beautiful face play very essential to look attractive, your smartness will help you to engage customers/clients for better dealing.  In the meantime concentrate own communication skills and make sure clients are the main stakeholder for any business. The receptionist is the first impression of any office to maximize its business circulation within a short time. What is an Internship for College Students?

Full Job Description of office receptionist

Job Title: Receptionist

Location: Head Officer

Reporting: Immediate Supervisor

Direct Reports: None

Job Purpose:
Provide secretarially and communication support to the line manager

Principal Responsibilities:
Drafting office memos/ letter for line manager as needed.

Manage all appointments of line manager, both internal employees and external guests.

Handle all visitors/delegation, clients, customer, and other stakeholders as per appointment schedule.

Coordinate with all staff and play a bridge role between the line manager and staff. Update all customer's contact information for easy communication. Record all messages from callers and convey the same to the concerned office within the time frame. Make sure all communication confidentiality

Operate telephone exchange and handle all incoming and outgoing calls. Maintain all call records in daily in-out register.

Provide assistance to line manager regarding paperwork, meeting schedules, arrange meetings and record all meeting minutes for office records. Prepare and update all intercom numbers list and distribute it among the staff, so they connect each other through intercom service.

Maintain and periodically update official file of line manager correspondence, including official matters. Personal Assistant Interview Questions

Organize all mailing list databases for official communication and correspondence accurately and up to date. In addition to the above-mentioned duties of a receptionist, be able to perform any other duties assigned by the job holder.

Education: Graduate

Related work experience & training: minimum of 5 five years experience required.

Special Skills Required:
Good command of written English & computer operation skills. Able to handle work pressure confidently.

Maximum Age Limit: 25 to 30 Years.
Physical fitness: medically fit with sound and positive mind
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