Human Resource Management Salary With a Master’s Degree

Human Resource Management Salary With a Master’s Degree

Provide overall supervision and management of the operations in the designated office, and foster effective relationships with all business communities, private sector Governance, and other stakeholders. Human Resource department is the backbone of any organization for its success and Manager Human Resource is the key person to look after all the activities and implement HR policies within the organization. There are several key tasks in front of Human Resource Management and how many organizations pay salaries? In this article, we’ll describe the principal responsibilities of Human Resource Management. What is a CV?



Provide leadership in executing human resource management and outreached program. Develop and implement an integrated communications strategy for organizations. Identify and resolve human resource management issues through the most appropriate means.

Identify training & development needs of all employees through performance appraisal exercise and arrange required capacity building training at the local, national, and international levels. Communicate with training providing institute and get their annual training calendar and share the same with all employees. Key Functions of HR In Any Organization

Initiate all recruitment and selection process according to the organization's recruitment policy and induct new employees after completion of all stages of the hiring process. Issues contract termination notices to part-time staff with the consultation of the head of the department.

Types of Employment Contracts:
There are several types of contracts which are issued to employees according to the need of the of the organization. Regular contracts are issued only to its regular employees belong from finance, administration, and human resource. Extended-term contracts are issued to project staff according to the project funding duration and all salary and benefits directly charge to the concerned project and donors.

Short term contracts are issued to specific tasks to complete the activities within the short time frame and all salary, benefits, and allowances charge to the activities carried out. The consultancy contract is designed only for an experienced person who has specialized skills to do the tasks as per the required standards set by the employer.  Daily wager contracts also in place to carry out daily tasks. HR Assistant Job Description

The Human Resource manager responsible to categorize all contracts and its benefits mentioned in the respective contract and share copy of the contract with the finance department for further process.

Maintenance of all employees’ personnel record and keep up to date consultancy record as well and timely update the human resource information system (HRIS). Conduct all performance appraisal exercise among the staff and direct line managers to complete assignment within the mentioned time frame.

Coordinate with all section heads and make sure that all employees and consultants are working under the given contracts. Develop and share a comprehensive orientation plan with newly hired staff. Design flexible and result in the oriented job description of all employees and circulate it among the concerned staff to adhere to the organization personnel policy.

Coordinate with the finance department to check all employees are working under the given contract status and review all contracts ending date and inform finance accordingly. Provide support to the finance department to prepare monthly payroll including asset data management.

Ensure coordination with all section heads to design new job description is provided to new employees and are performing jobs under the job description. Make sure all employee's personnel records in secure and confidential.

Responsible to arrange all employees benefits as per the organization’s personnel policy i.e. employees and dependent group life insurance, health insurances and process reimburse out-patient door claims with insurance companies. Conduct quarterly survey and share the approved template to get information regarding the addition deletion in employees and their dependent list.

Consolidate all information related to employees' dependent list and provide it to insurance companies to get their enroll. Initiate death claims with insurance companies and start the process immediately to support suffering families if any.

Coordinate with the finance department to work out to calculate annual staff increments. Make sure all incentives all in place i.e. utilities, house rent, basic pay, allowances, etc. 

Human Resource Management Salary:
The monthly salary package of human resource management is subject to the relevant degree including practical work experience from a well known international non-governmental organization. Average monthly salary varies in working conditions, budget availability, and many factors to be considered. Normally the HR manager’s salary proportionate to different projects and some sort of amount charge from the endowment fund as well. Here are the average salary details of Human Resource Management salary. Employee Appraisal Guidelines

  • HR Manager (Avg) $73K
  • HR Director (Avg) $82K
  • HR Generalist (Avg) $ 57K
  • HR Coordinator (Avg) $ 50K
  • HR Advisor (Avg) $ 70K
  • HR Business Partner (Avg) $ 80K
  • Sr, HR Business Partner (Avg) $ 107K
  • HR Officer (Avg) $ 35K
  • HR Associate (Avg) $ 15K
  • HR Assistant (Avg) $ 10K

Master’s Business Administration specialization with Human Resource Management, or Human Resource Development,


Special Skills:
Management Human Resource Information System
Familiar with all personnel policies and procedures
Conduct training need assessment time to time
Strong interpersonal, verbal & writing skills
Problem solving and analytic approach
Can work independently & as a team player
Proactive to take in and disseminate information
Multitasking & maintaining performance standards in diverse cultural contexts
Willingness to work long & irregular hrs
Understanding of vendors, designers & suppliers’ industry