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Manager Administration

Manager Administration plays a key role in any organization to running the office's daily work smoothly. The job description of manager administration is a key document to determine the role and responsibilities of manager administration and how he/she delivers the task with high quality within the time frame.  

In this article, we’ll discuss how to improve managerial skills and the main job responsibility of Manager Administration in any organization.

It doesn’t matter if you have just started as a manager in a new company or you have gone through the transitional phase of becoming a leader from a worker, you will always need some techniques, which will help develop new skills and polish the abilities you might already have.

Job Description of Manager Administration

Here are a few effective management tips/techniques that will help you to be on top of your profession.

How to Communicate Better?
Solid communication skills can help you to be a good manager. Too often, you fail to communicate with your team, which in turn keeps them from understanding exactly what you want to be doing. 

Remember, your employees will work according to the information they gather from you; therefore, it's important to maintain clarity at every turn. 

Clearly explain your expectations set new goals with the help of your employees, and encourage them to provide you with their feedback. 

How to Divide Tasks Properly?
You will see your people work in a more productive way if you create a small group of internal teams. 
It is also a good idea to divide specific clients' work among different teams – they will feel more responsible and be more efficient.

How To Keep Peoples Motivated?
To be an excellent manager, you need to ensure that your employees are happy and satisfied. Here, you have to take it a bit further and be willing to acknowledge their efforts. 

Rewarding your team will keep them motivated and encourage them to give their best. Remember, you don’t always need to offer monetary rewards, stationery, or something like this – sometimes, a hand-written thank you note can work wonders. What Are Key Tasks of Communication Manager?

In the end, it's important to mention that although these strategies often prove effective, you may fail to yield the best results if you're not an enthusiastic manager.

Job Title: Manager Administration
Location: Head Office
Report to: Immediate Supervisor
Reporters: Admin Officer, Transport In-charge, IT Officer, and Human Resource Officer.

Job Purpose:
The manager administration position is responsible to provide a full range of administrative support to other departments.

Principal Responsibilities:
Supervise and undertake all logistic requirements of staff e.g. booking for hotels, air tickets, road travel arrangements, special event organizations, etc.

Undertake and perform administration work/assignments delegated by the immediate supervisor. Liaison and coordinate with the department for administrative and logistic preparedness.

Plan and manage sub-regional programs and human resources. Maintain a high level of intense public relations and advocacy with the stakeholders and district administration.

Coordinate with the regional managers. Carry out conflict resolution and troubleshooting at the sub-regional level. Verification of stores and maintaining relations with banks and suppliers.

Carry out staff development and ensure teamwork and a conducive environment.
Maintain adherence to admin and personnel policies. Ensure timely and accurate payments to employees and third parties.

Correspondence with foreign universities for taking up admission cases of different staff.
Maintain fixed asset records including MV logbooks and historical records. Admin Assistant Job Description

Masters in Business Administration/ Human Resource

Related Work Experience & training
Minimum 3 years of work experience

Special Skills Required:
Have sound communication and interpersonal skills.
Knowledge of suppliers and vendor industry

Age Limit/Physical Fitness/ Other Factors:
Communication skills politeness
Able to handle a tough situation
Manage difficult peoples

What is The Salary Structure of Manager Administration?

An administration manager’s salary depends on a variety of factors. For example, some factors include the company they work for, the industry, the manager’s experience level, and the manager’s physical location. While administrative managers have many responsibilities, they’re also compensated well for their efforts. 

According to the  United States Bureau of LaborStatistics (USBLS), the experienced manager admin salary is up to $96,180, and the fresh manager administration expected monthly salary is around about $55,000.

Sector Wise Manager Administration approx. salary details are:

  1. Financial Institutions:  Approx. Salary $140,780
  2. Professional Services:  Approx. Salary $104,720
  3. Local Government: Approx. Salary $93,630
  4. Education Sector: Approx. Salary $91,420
  5. Health Sector: Approx. Salary 88,050

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