Policies and Procedures Example: HR Department

Policies and Procedures Example HR Department

All organizations have different policies to address the arising issues and take actions according to the policies. In this article, we'll focus on employees' benefits in any organization.

Policies and Procedures Example: HR Department

The board can at its discretion approve an increase in salary budget for offsetting the impact of inflection for any other consideration. The salary increase shall be effective from 1st July.

Group Life and Accident Insurance:
ABC has arranged group life and accident insurance to cover for its employees through approved I.C.

Out Patient’s Medical Allowance:
A medical allowance shall be paid to employees for out patient’s treatment in two six month installment.

Hospitalization Facilities:
ABC also arranged hospitalization facilities to their employees.

Children Education Allowance:
Children education allowance for employees in grade 1 and 2 shall be paid per month.

Transport Allowance:
Transport allowances are also provided by ABC to their staff for the manager of their transport expenses. The allowances are different for each grade of employees.

Leave for recuperation and each year. The leave record-keeping in the human resource so that the finance section notified for salary deduction if leave exceeds. It is a must for all employees that he or she submitted the application form to the human resource office. 30 days holiday is allowed in a calendar year. 3 days leave without information lead disciplinary action.10 days it will in addition to considered leave without pay. Recruitment & Selection Process

Maternity Leave:
A female employee avail maternity leaves for 60 days.

Paternity Leave:
Seven days paternity leave is allowed on the birth of a child subject to a maximum of the first two children.

Leave Without Pay:
In special circumstances

Performance Appraisal:
The performance of all employees shall be evaluated at least once a year. This process shall be coordinated by the manager of human resources. The performance appraisal shall be held from 1st July and end on 30th of next year. ABC also conduct midyear performance appraisal of their employees which is from July 1st to 31st December of the same year

Merit award can be considered for expectation performance beyond the call of duty. If the employee fails to improve his/her performance to the required standard, then his /her contracts terminate.

Training and Development:
Training and development is an attempt to improve managerial and administrative performance by improving knowledge, changing, attitude, and increasing skills according to the need of the employees and organization.

The head of administration is responsible to look after the performance of the administrative staff and conduct short and long term training program after analyzing the strength and weakness and aptitudes of the staff according to their job requirements.

The head of the administration not only find out the root causes of low performance of the employees but also suggest course correction through conducting training and development programs timely.
The head of administration delegate responsibilities assign of the job training tasks, give case studies provide opportunities to attend outside seminars management games and university-related program to improve the performance and skills of employees match their organization goals.
The administration section gets time to time feedback of the delegated responsibilities to the employees.
Training and development program is arranged by the program manager and regional program manager for new and old employees.
External training attachment /study can be short term and long term. Youth Development Specialist Job Description

Short term Training:
Short term training does not exceed 3-month full salary and benefit during the period. However short term contract employees are only eligible for leave without pay during this period.

Long term Training:
Long term training program is arranged for more than 3 month. In this duration 50% of salaries paid to regular employees.  ABC is only liable for those expenses which are agreed on in advance. During the long term, attachment study leave an employee without notice terminate if
Fail to pass the examination. Conduct himself in a manner or indulger activates.

Consultancies by Employees:
Individual consultancies are not allowed. However, ABC may depute or assign the task to an individual or a team for consultancies instituted by ABC for other organizations.

Temporary and Permanent Transfer:
The sanctioning authorities for temporary and permanent transfer is.

Termination of Service:
Termination of services in the following causes

An employee can be resigning from the service of ABC by giving notice in writing to the immediate supervisor.

Termination by ABC:
ABC terminates its employees in the following causes.
Lack of funding or funding for the job no longer available.
The job has become redundant. Service no longer required.
Health reasons in case of mental and physical problems.
The employee has reached 60 years of age.
Continue the poor performance of the employee.
Expire of the contract.
Misconduct of employees.
In case of death in service.

Exit Interview:
At the end of the service exit interview taken by human resource manager in the form of verbal and via ask questions from them.

The human resource department issued a clearance form to the employees at the end of his service. It is important to clear all things before termination.

Experience Certificate:
Experience certificate shall be provided by the human resource manager to an employee at the end of his/her service. What is Good Cover letter Example

Misconduct and Disciplinary Action:
Disciplinary action should take in the following cases.
In case of theft, fraud, and dishonesty with ABC operation and property.
Damage and loss of ABC property and goods.
Alcohol and narcotics issues.
Habitual absence is more than three days without notice.
Habitual late attendance.
Financial miss dealing
Habitual negligence of work.
Make a false statement.
Engaged in activities as sexual harassment.
Failure to report to duty within 10 days after training.

Before an Employee is Charged With Misconduct:
Show cause notice is given to the assured in writing.
Assured is provided an opportunity to explain in 10 days.
If the explanation is satisfactory then no future action is taken.
The inquiry committee is formed to conduct the inquiry and to come up with an inquiry report.
If the employee found guilty then charges made against him/her then dismissal from service in case of criminal act fir can be filed with the police
If an employee found guilty a record is kept in his/her personal file.

Employee Grievance:
If an employee has a grievance, he/she can bring it to the notice of the immediate supervisor. The immediate supervisor shall deal with the grievance in consultation with his/her immediate supervisor.
If employees not satisfied with the decision of the grievance committee an appeal can be filled with the HR Director for a review the HR Director's decision will be final.

Official Travels:
In consultation with other managers travel policy will be reviewed by the Human Resource office from time to time and submitted to the SMF for future action.

In Country:
Grade 7 approved by the HR Director.
Grade 6 and below recommended by concerned manager and approved by the regional program manager and program manager.

Overseas travel program recommended by HR Director and approved by the chairman.

Working Days and Hours:
Working days and working hours at each location in ABC shall be fixed by the head office.
working days shall be fixed taking into account that.
ABC shall observe all holidays announced by federal government.
Certain holidays announced by the local administration.
Overtime not allowed if employees required working overtime should get permission from their concern manager. How To Design Internal Auditor Job Description?

Other Forms of Association With ABC:

Trainees (Internship)
Trainees for a maximum period of six months after training trainees should have no claim on ABC for employment. HR Director shall approve the appointment of trainees on the recommendation of the program manager and regional program manager. The trainees must sign a training contract which shall incorporate details of the stipend payment.

Consultants are hired when the required skills are not available within the organization or if the staff is not free to understand that particular task.

Foreign Consultants:
Foreign consultants may be identified with the assistance of ABC donors or headhunted by the program staff that required their services.

Local Consultants:
In the normal course, the service of such consultants shall not exceed one month in a calendar year with a single contract not exceeding six month.

An applicant will provide the name and address of two referees who could be contracted for obtaining more information about the applicant one of the referees must a previous employer.

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