Learn Assistant Officer Job Description Key Lines

The key part of the assistant officer's job responsibility is to assist the program officer in the daily routine carried out in the office to run all project or administrative matters smoothly. The assistant officer is answerable for the following tasks to the immediate supervisor.

Assist the line manager in terms of meeting the dateline of the daily activities, and coordinate with the supervisor to take the action against the specific tasks assigned to him/her. Monitor and control all running a task on a daily basis and update the supervisor about the work progress.  

Orient the new employees with the organization’s financial, administrative, and personnel policies and get the undertaking certificate from all. Allocate specific space for all employees with the guidelines of the administrative officer. 

Collect all personal, educational, experience, or family-related details and provide them to the human resource department for personnel file records. Initiate procurement plan under the guidance of the supervisor and issue requests for quotations to all suppliers. 

Consolidate all quotations rates and prepare a comparative statement for further process and issue the purchase order to the selected suppliers and received all items in good condition. 

Update the good receiving note and incorporate all documents with payment invoices. Maintain items inventory in stock register with full details i.e. product name, no of items, and issuing signatures from the staff. 

Prepare monthly supplies and demand comparisons and get financial figures from the finance department. Process all expenses related to official expenditures according to the financial policies. Attaché all related papers with the payment invoice for the fast process.  

Maintain and update quotations file and get fresh quotations after every six months from suppliers. Keep all supplier's contact details i.e. postal address, landline number, or cell number for quick communication.

Make sure all administrative staff including drivers have a valid contract letter with all specified benefits. Do the process of life and health insurance of administrative staff with the coordination of the human resource department annually. 

Collect all information on the dependent list and make sure all addition and deletions are correct before submitting it to human resources for further process.

Conduct periodic surveys among the employees to get feedback regarding the office environment, working conditions, reporting channel, and pay and compensation to determine the employee's mind and take the appropriate suggestions including doable recommendations to the line manager. 

With the support of the human resource department, review the employee’s benefits and share inputs to a better level. Maintain employee’s performance record and share the findings with the concerned line manager for review and decision. 

Support finance department to settle all financial matters or pending invoices timely, undertake all administrative job responsibilities with a positive mind, and deliver the best of the best results.

Receive all official guests on behalf of the organization and arrange meetings with the concerned line manager. Arrange hi-tea and lunch for the guest if needed or arrange hotel accommodations accordingly.  

Keep close communication with well-known hotel management in the city. Collect all room rent. Lunch dinner tariffs from all hotels and shares them with all employees.

Arrange two-time official tea for all employees' in-office time, and maintain daily expenses details with the support of an admin assistant. Fix official tea rate with canteen manager on a quarterly basis and review monthly expenses.   

Assistant Administrator Salary:
The salary of an assistant administrator is varying with the market competition.  An experienced assistant administrator gets approximately 600 to 700$ but fresh candidates without work experience are getting less than the 500$ salary in the corporate sector.

The assistant administrator’s salary differentiates from some other factors as well.  However, donor-funded organizations pay more than corporate and they proportionate the salary % directly to the donors and the remaining portion is paid from the endowment fund.

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