Administration Manager Job Duties and Responsibilities List

Administration Manager Job Duties and Responsibilities List

All duties of an Administration Manager is quite similar to the admin officer in any office. The Administration Manager plays a leading role to coordinate all things with all departments to run official matters that are going smoothly and provide assistance to meet their job objectives and targets and the Administration Manager also responsible to provide support during the start of the new project. In this article, we’ll describe the duties step by step.

Administration Manager Job Duties and Responsibilities List

Either in verbal or written is the key skill of the administration manager to communicate all official matters and policies to the program departments and have a better understanding of project management skills and should have complete knowledge to handle the workflow from the program side. The administration manager makes sure all supply and demands are going smoothly and should have interactions with suppliers and market players to procure all materials for the project.
Coordination with the team as well as with program staff is the key job description of the Administration manager, it is mandatory to coordinate with program staff and provide technical/administrative support to the program team whenever needed.  Keep good relations with material suppliers and purchase all things according to the policy of the organization.  Coordinate with the finance department to process all invoices timely and dispatch all payments within the time frame. How to improve administrative assistant skills?

Administration Manager should keep all his/her team in the loop about the work progress and provide information regarding the program activities.  Delegate all administrative related tasks to the subordinate and monitor the work progress. Keep all things in control and give technical assistance whenever required.  Coordinate with teammates and incorporate their point of views in decision-making process

Computer Operation Familiar:
The administration manager should have basic functions of computer operations to do work on it. Specifically, have command on MS office to develop development financial expenses details, procurement details, comparative statements, official letters and emailing procedures to communication others stakeholder as well as a team members.

Assist and Support:
The administration manager should provide technical assistance and support to all program staff to cater their program activities without any trouble. Be in front of administrative team and play bridge role among the program and supportive team.

Bookkeeping and Documentation:
Develop and maintain all official Correspondence with all stakeholders including program staff regarding official matters.  Develop separate file folders to dig out all papers with ease when required. Develop procurement, vehicle operation, safety, and security policies for the smooth run of official matters.

Planning and Scheduling:
Develop and maintain planning calendar with the consensus of program staff and follow the time frame to deliver all administrative support to the program staff to complete the task within the time frame according to the annual plan activities. Sample Job Application Covering Letter

Be able to handle multitasking with the administrative team whenever needed.  Think strategically and have close coordination with teammates to handle multi tasks smartly. Delegate all job duties to the subordinates and keep tight monitoring mechanisms to determine the work progress.

We hope that the above-mentioned points will help you to increase your administration skills within the job. If you like this article, please share it with your friends so they have a better understanding of the administrative role in any organization. What To Consider Before Accepting Job Offer?
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