Administrative Officer Job Description

Administrative Officer Job Description

Administrative officer plays a focal role in any organizations. The position of the administrative officer is responsible to provide all administrative support to the program staff and facilitate all the organization’s activities smoothly. The key job description of administrative officers is hereunder:

Lead from front to facilitate all program activities in a professional manner. Keep all program activities list as per the annual plan set by the top management. Overview of the financial and administrative policies and procedures and adhere to policy compliance. How Do You Organize Yourself Interview

Administrative Officer Job Description

Review administrative work plans with admin staff and share the activities of the task accordingly. Facilitate all domestic and international delegations and provide all logistic and transport facilities during the visit. Process all security clearance and visa procedures for foreign delegations. Prepare program itinerary with coordination of program heads. Job Offer Letter Sample

 Keep all employees’ incoming and outgoing including work time in software, Prepare monthly timesheets of all employees. Lead the process of all inventory and auctions of physical assets, develop command and control system to determine the weak progress.

The administrative officer should have a master level degree from reputed institution with more than 5 years divers work experience.

Handle all tough situations calm and politely, delegate/assigned all tasks to the relevant employees. Be able to stay more time in the office with patients, and have good communication skills. Admin Assistant Responsibilities List

  1. Assist line manager in all administrative related tasks
  2. Coordinate with other departments to do routine work
  3. Delegate work to the lower staff i.e. peon, gardeners, cleaners, security guards and drivers on a daily basis
  4. Keep all office supplies record in soft or hard form
  5. Develop office supplies inventory list.
  6. Collect all incoming post mails and deliver it to the concerned officials
  7. Receive all telephone calls from outside and redirect to the concerned offices
  8. Security and safety of office premises
  9. Coordinate with drivers to keep all cars in a safe parking
  10. Calculate car usage mileage or fuel consumption on monthly basis. Develop a complete report and submit to the line supervisor. Maintain car the trip sheet on a monthly basis
  11. Handle all official/ private guests and redirect to the concerned person.
  12. Keep close coordination with all market suppliers.
  13. Provide logistic support to official trips and arrange car and hotel bookings during the field visits.
  14. Process all payment invoices and submit to the finance section for payments.
  15. Implement all procurement policies while purchasing a huge amount of supplies.
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