Business Development Specialist Job Description

Business Development Specialist Job Description

A business development specialist position is a key part of any corporate sector organization to boos the existing business ground to the next level. A business development specialist is responsible to develop a concrete business plan with his/her team and set the quarterly targets to implement it accordingly. In this article, we’ll discuss the main job responsibilities of the said position.

Business Development Specialist Job Description

Oversee all operational activities; provide guidance to the team in implementing Market Development strategy and test new techniques/approaches.

Develop and ensure implementation of effective personnel policies, procedures, and systems that support the needs of overall the staff of ABC Company.
Provide leadership to Business Development initiative of ABC Company
Design, develop, implement and monitor Business and Marketing Development Strategy
Support the overall program in conducting market surveys and business appraisals of potential areas of intervention (sector/sub-sector analysis).
Identify sectors for the provision of business development services.
Promote innovative approaches such as information technology in production, trade and service sectors
Identify employment opportunities both within the national and international levels.
Lead the process to build a process for developing a cadre of business entrepreneurs.
Harness and build linkages with the corporate sector for socially responsible development.
Manage public affairs through designing a Personal Relation strategy and by organizing special events such as conferences, seminars, workshops, etc
Develop market and business-related database and dissemination system for both market and financial information received.
Support national /project teams in developing action plans for business development
Compliance with documentation and reporting requirements specified by the job holder's Supervisor.
Any other responsibilities allocated to the jobholder. Marketing Manager Job Details

MBA Marketing/Masters in Economics

Related Work Experience & Training
7-10 years
Basic knowledge of MDA international best practices and developments
Basic knowledge of small enterprise development

Special Skills Required
Proactive and analytical thinking in market development initiatives
Practical application of Market Dev and SME’s theory
Knowledge of IT and ICT project design
Excellent writing skills
PR in the corporate sector

Age Limit / Physical Fitness / Other factors
Maximum age 40 Years with physically fit to stay in office long time.
Able to travel far-flung areas with comfort

Health Insurance Deductions From Employee
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