Finance and Administration Department Functions

Finance and Administration Department Functions

The main role of finance and administration is to enforce the program staff to adhere to the organization’s financial and administrative policies. The finance and administration department is the main custodian of all program activities monitoring and providing expense scenarios to the project heads.

The finance and administration of the department have core functions to run the office smoothly under the set policies and procedures. Here below, we describe the best necessary job responsibilities of the finance and administration department and positions. What Are the Key Functions of the F&A Manager?

Finance and Administration Department Functions

Job Description of Office Manager:
The office manager is a key position to look after all administrative and management matters on a daily basis in the office. The key responsibilities of the office manager are to manage all things around him/her including new tasks assigned by the immediate supervisor. Main the job description of office managers are:

Keep All Things Up to Date:
Keep all incoming and outgoing official papers in specific folders for the official record. Organize all official events according to the work plan and lead from the front to successful the accomplishment of the event.

Organize Staff Meetings:
Distribute the annual meeting calendar among the concerned official and remind the dates and venue periodically. Finalize the meeting’s agenda according to the annual plan and progress reports. Share the outcomes of work progress with section heads.

Supervise Lower Staff:
Delegate all responsibilities to the subordinates and monitor all work progress weekly basis. Update supervisor regarding the work progress and prepare mid-level progress reports presented in staff meetings.

Job Description of Executive Assistant:
The executive assistant’s position is basically a facilitation position. His/her job description is to provide secretarial support to the office in charge of the shape of dealing with daily official and private guest schedules.

Arrange meetings with other stakeholders, get appointments from other officials,  arrange travel arrangements for the official field visits, support official procurement, manage all incoming and routing telephone calls, coordinate with other section heads, etc.

Job Description of Office Administrator:
The administration office is the key person to look after all administrative matters in daily office work. Coordinate with program staff to facilitate them in their program activities. Providing logistic and transport facilities to program staff.

Ensure security and safety of office premises, coordinate line departments for foreign clearance of foreign guests, and arrange meetings and briefings for official guests, with the support of subordinates.

Update all office inventory management, coordinate with the finance section during new procurements, process all official expenses bills and keep a record.  Learn Finance Officer Job Duties 

Job Description of Account Manager:
The account manager is responsible to look after financial matters, consolidating the annual budget versus expenses, and reconciling all expenses with banks. 

Prepare monthly staff salaries and benefits, develop a comprehensive monitoring plan to minimize expenditures, and present the expense report in quarterly meetings.

Enhance the command and financial controlling system, formalize all loopholes and take appropriate actions to tighten the misuse of financial resources. 

Coordinate with financial institutions or donors for cash requests and submit a financial report to the concerned authorities, coordinate with audit firms to initiate annual financial audits, and close all transactions in annual closing time.

In this article, we tried to provide all the necessary job descriptions for the above-mentioned positions. It varies in different organizations according to their work nature.  

We do hope it will give you at least basic knowledge of administration and finance roles in any organization.

General Manager of Finance & Administration Job Description

The general manager position is a key post to look after all financial and administrative matters of any organization.  

His/her main responsibilities are to undertake all tasks mentioned below to perform his/ her duty incapacity of general manager finance and administration. Key tasks of the position are mentioned hereunder one by one for more details.

Job Title

General Manager of Finance & Admin

Job Location
Head Office

Director Report to
Chairman or his/her nominees

Direct Reporters
All staff in the Accounts and Administration section.

Job Purpose
Responsible for effective implementation and review of administrative policies/procedures, development of short and long-term budgetary speculations, and ensuring financial control including developing a comprehensive mechanism of command and control and making sure records confidentiality.

Develop and ensure the implementation of effective personnel policies, procedures, and systems that support the needs of the overall staff.

Provide technical supervision and management of regional finance and administration managers, and prepare annual budget consolidation and financial reporting to the chairman.

He/she responds to an annual audit. Monitor and implement inter-financial control and budget expenditure. What Are The Documents Used In Purchasing Activity?

Authorization of capital expenditure and signatory to cheques. Review, finalize, and sign donor agreements. Monitor and ensure donor agreement compliance.

Formulate and revise policies and procedures and ensure their compliance. Streamlining of reporting and relationship with donors and monitoring donor agreement compliance.

Advice and handling of administration and tax-related issues. Replies to queries on financial matters. Preparation of reports for donors.

Streamline coordination between core office and regional staff on financial matters. Proposals and reports for donor funding. Any other responsibilities allocated to the job holder.



CA or MBA, Finance

Related work experience & training

7-10 Years

Special skills required
Ability to manage people
Work as part of a team and lead one.
Problem Solving
Handle stress related to deadlines.
Excellent reporting and communication skills

Age Limit / Physical Fitness / Other factors

Able to stay long hours in the office and mentally strong to handle the tough situation etc.

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