Job Offer Letter from Employer to Employee

Job Offer Letter from Employer to Employee
The employment letter of the employee should cover the core clauses of the human resource policy of the organization. All necessary clauses related to new employment and contract duration should be mentioned in clear and crystal, so the employer and employee both agreed within the mention clauses.  Sample of appointment letter is hereunder with specific employment clauses.

Job Offer Letter from Employer to Employee


Subject:                       Job offer letter from employer to employee

Dear XYZ,

We are pleased to offer you short-term employment with ABC as Manager Finance & Administration created specifically for the Self Employment Project for Women undertook by ABC with funding support from the United Nations. This position requires extensive travel to other areas or destinations, whether within or outside the Country. You will be reporting to the Chief Financial Officer and perform duties as per job dissipation provided to you by Project CFO as amended from time to time and such other duties as may be assigned to you by your supervisor/s. Importance of Performance Management System

Terms and Conditions of Service:
The terms of your Employment would commence from July 1, 2019 and shall either be (a) period of one year thereafter ending on June 30, 2019 (b) till such time as the finding becomes unavailable for your position, whichever is earlier.

Subject to its sole absolute discretion and the availability of funding for your Employment, ABC may but shall not be obligated to offer an extension in the term of your employment contract for such further period beyond the original one year duration as it may deem fit.

Either a party may terminate this contract by given one-month notice in advance or payment of salary in lieu thereof without assigning a reason.

This offer is conditional upon you being prepared to work in any place which ABC desires/requires you to work in/at and to travel or stay in any part of the country or abroad as required.

You will be paid a gross consultant monthly Employment fee Rs. 110,500/= (rupees one hundred & ten thousand and five hundred only) inclusive of all allowances.

You will be paid Rs. 3,500/= (rupees three thousand five hundred only) per month as a non-accountable TA/DA to meet the boarding & lodging expenses within the operation area. In case of travel to other city or other abroad you will be paid TA/DA as per ABC Travel Policy applicable to staff in the management category.

In case of traveling to regional offices operation area for attending training/Workshops you will be paid expenses as per ABC Travel Policy. Why Did Resume Need to Find Job?

Withholding tax or any other tax-deductible by law at source will be deducted from any payments made you and deposited with the tax authorities. However, this does not exempt you from your liability to pay income tax and file your individual tax return.

You maybe dismissed from service and your contract terminated forthwith without any notice and/or benefits mentioned hereinabove in case you are found guilty of any neglect of, or dereliction from, duty or misconduct of any kind whatsoever (including, though not limited to, any conduct in public or private which in the opinion of ABC is, or is likely to be, prejudicial to its interests) or if you commit any breach of the obligations arising out of your employment contract.

Without the prior written consent of ABC, you shall not divulge any matters or information, whether or not designated or marked as “confidential”, pertaining to the affairs or interests of ABC, or any of its

the subsidiary, affiliated associated companies, firms or persons, which is acquired by you during the source, or in consequence, of your employment to any third person or any unauthorized person, or utilize any such knowledge or information to the detriment of the prejudice of ABC or any of its subsidiary, affiliated or associated companies, firms, or persons.

Unless specifically and to the extent authorized, you shall not represent yourself as acting for or on behalf of ABC nor utilize ABC stationery without prior permission.

The terms and conditions of this offer and your Employment contract are private and confidential. You shall refrain from discussing these terms and conditions with any other person without permission.

All data, materials, and reports (including, but not limited to, any intellectual property) generated or created by you would be the property of ABC and you shall not reproduce them, try to publish them, or circulate them, in any form whatsoever, without prior approval of ABC in writing. Administrative Officer Job Description

Two copies of this employment letter are enclosed. If you accept this Employment offer on the terms and conditions outlined above, please sign the duplicate copy and ensure its return to me by or before ending a specific period, failing which it shall be deemed that you  have declined this offer and it shall automatically stand canceled/withdrawn forthwith and ABC shall be free to make the offer to anyone else.

Yours Sincerely,

Director Human Resources

I hereby affix my signatures in token of my unqualified acceptance of the above offer on the terms and conditions stipulated above and as stated in the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual having read and understood the same fully.

Signature: _____________________                                              Date: ___________________

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