Entry-Level Project Engineer Job Description

Entry-Level Project Engineer Job Description

Starting new a career as a project engineer after completion of a bachelor degree in civil engineering from a reputed educational institute is quite different from a theoretical approach to a practical ground.

Most of the project engineers struggle in the project area to monitor all activities i.e. electric, hydel projects are quite different from civil. In the entry-level, you need some sort of practical work experience and familiar with the practical approaches. 

Project engineer plays a vital role in infrastructures project from start to end. In this article, we’ll discuss the key role and responsibilities of entry-level project engineers step by step. Risk Assessment Form: How To Minimize Losses

Entry-Level Project Engineer Job Description

Job Title: Entry level Project Engineer
Job Location: Project Area
Report to: Project Manager

Principal Responsibilities:
Assist in leveraging resources for infrastructure development activities.

Coordinate with donors the smooth and effective implementation of infrastructure projects.

Prepare Implementation Plans and progress reports for infrastructure projects.

Prepare contracts/TOPs for outsourcing engineering services.

Monitor all the infrastructure projects.

Introduce innovative cost-effective model projects.

Responsible for successfully implement the Micro-hydel/Civil Pilot Project:

Prepare the feasibility study of micro-hydel projects in the project area.

Review and prepare project proposals.

Visit projects sites to ensure that the project is constructed as per approved design and quality of construction is up to the approved standards.

Check record related to projects at site offices as well as at the beneficiary level are maintained as per the requirements of donors and ABC.

Give timely feedback to the management about the weaknesses identified at various levels and recommend a solution.

Establish local national and international linkages for the exchange of information and experience.
Introduce research initiatives that help establish the qualitative impact of physical assets creation in the lives of the poor. Key Project Management Skills

Any other the assignment was given by the Supervisor

B.Sc in Civil Engineering

Related Work Experience & Practical Training
3-5 Years experience in the relevant field

Special Skills Required
Coordination Skills
Technical Assessment of Skills
Writing Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Age Limit
Not more than 35 years
Physically fit and able to travel remote areas

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