Risk Assessment Format: How to Minimize Loses?

Risk Assessment Format How to Minimize Loses
There are dozens of hazardous items around us while we in the office or at home. Often in our offices, we don’t care about these items and don’t afraid about that, but in some circumstance i.e. earthquake, landslide, heavy rain, avalanche or any other natural disaster, humans face lots of difficulties while evacuation in an emergency. 

We need to check out all things from time to time and make sure all things around us are well conditions with quality fittings. In this short article, we’ll discuss these small things that can hurt us during the mentioned situation.

Risk Assessment Format: How to Minimize Loses?

We know the fans, electric wires, fancy bulbs, electric boards, and other things are part of our lives. Below mention risk assessment format is well described to take appropriate actions to save financial or human losses. We need to fix or change old things well in time and repair small breakages for better performance as well.

Non-Structural Items retrofitting to reduce human/financial loses
Risk Assessment Format

S. No
Hazardous Material
Survey of items
Need to
Repair and Maintenance of electrical work
Electric Items
Fancy Bulb
Voltage Continuity test
Electric Wires
Climate control heat & Air Conditions
Electric Boards
Personal computer accessories
Photocopier, Telephone exchange and fax machines.
Printers & laptops
Change all old things well in time
Repair all need to be repaid
Properly fit loose items

Repair and Maintenance of civil work

Civil and plumbing Items
Tall file Cabinets
Book Shelves
Curtain reeling
Wall Sceneries
Frames & Wall Fans
Water Tank and pipe breakages
Tall notice Boards
Fire extinguishers
Wood partitions


Security and Confidentiality

Hard Data
Data Bank Finance, Admin and HR should in safe custody.
Equipment i.e. ACs, PCs, Laptops, Server, Copier, Telephone exchange and facsimile
Installation of CCTV cameras at the main entrance.


Safety nets

First ad training and tool kits


Safe Vehicles Parking

Vehicle Security
Safe parking Area,
The boundary wall with security cameras,
Shutter roof,
Water tank,
Night watch torch,
Safe exit root

We do hope, if we properly develop a mechanism to address the above-mentioned activities, we’ll make a safe environment in our offices or home.  Kindly share it with your friend’s domains, so they also take these small actions to save all.

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