Marketing Manager Job Description Sample

Marketing Manager Job Description Sample

The marketing manager job description sample is responsible to look after all activities of marketing and sale on a monthly basis. The job description of manager marketing development is to focus on customer’s overall feedback and incorporate all doable interventions in a new strategy for successful marketing tools and boot the product sale.  

Marketing Manager Job Description Sample

Oversee all operational activities; provide guidance to the team in implementing Market Development strategy and test new techniques/approaches.

Provide technical and functional feedback to increase market development interventions in the jurisdiction

Design, development, implement and monitor Market Development Strategies to overcome the new demand of market requirements.

Support the overall project in conducting market surveys and business appraisals of potential areas of intervention (sector/sub-sector analysis).

Identify sectors for the provision of business development services.
Promote innovative approaches such as information technology in production, trade and service sectors

Identify employment opportunities both within and outside the marketing area.

Lead the process to build a process for developing a cadre of entrepreneurs.

Harness and build linkages with the corporate sector for socially responsible development.

Support regional/project teams in developing action plans for business development.

Compliance with documentation and reporting requirements specified by the job holder's Supervisor.

Any other responsibilities allocated to the jobholder.

MBA Marketing/Masters in Economics

Related Work Experience & Training
3-5 years
Basic knowledge of Market Dev Indicators international best practices and developments
Basic knowledge of small enterprise development

Special Skills Required
Proactive and analytical thinking in market development initiatives
Practical application of Market Dev and SME’s theory
Knowledge of IT and ICT project design
Excellent writing skills
PR in the corporate sector

Age Limit / Physical Fitness / Other factors
The candidate should medically fit and able to learn new marketing tools and techniques.
Develop linkages development with all corporate sectors

Finance & Admin Department Functions

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