Communication Definition | Step by Step Guide

Communication Definition  Step by Step Guide
Ineffective communication often results in poor cooperation and coordination, lower productivity, undercurrents of tension, gossip and rumors, and increased turnover and absenteeism. Manager Administration can improve internal and external communication through the following ways.

Understand that communication is a two ways street. It involves giving information and getting feedback from employees. It isn’t finished when information is given. Put more emphasis on face-to-face communication with employees. Don’t rely mainly on bulletin boards, memos, and other written communication.

Communication Definition | Step by Step Guide

Ask yourself; each time you give an instruction if the message is clear. Most vagueness is caused by failing to be specific. Example: Don’t just tell an employee to “show more interest” in his or her work. If an employee spends too much time chatting with others, be specific about it. View information as “service to” employees and not “power over” them. What is Inventory Management System?

Listen to employees; show respect for them when they speak. They’ll feel like part of the team and will tend to be more dedicated and productive. One way is; asks questions to show interest and clarify points.  Don’t just talk about open-door policy.  Practice it by walking around and talking to employees. Allow people to disagree and come up with new ideas.

Conduct one-on-one meetings. Ask each employee to tell you how you can help him to do a better job. Then how he can help you do a better job. Prepare publications frequently. Emphasize current issues that employees care about; don’t substitute quarterly “prettier” publications for substantive, up-to-date ones. Concentrate on building credibility with employees. Mangers that lack credibility and fail to create a climate of trust and openness aren’t believed, no matter how hard they try to communicate.

Unclear Process: The receiver and sender may not share the same language, vocabulary, and symbols
Chain of command: There may be too many layers that the message passes through between the sender and receiver.
Large size & Distance: a large number of receivers requires good/clear method of a sending message.
Personal Limitation: Physical and mental disabilities and the difference in intelligence and education may interfere with mutual understanding.

In current times communication plays a vital role in human life.  Human beings we always convey among each other our expressions, feelings, etc through communication. Different peoples use different communication techniques to convey their expertise to each other. Communication is the leader’s most important activity and most leaders spending 70% of their time on it. Finance Manager Job Description

Yet it is amazing how ineffective many managers are at this process. With effective communication, managers can make peoples; departments and organizations work more closely/ efficiently and lead the organizational activities productively. Communication is one of the best sources that a leader can use to develop consensus among the organization team players. Full Job Description of Training Manager

Share our ideas and opinions with each other’s
This is the most valuable skill to share useful ideas with teammates to achieve result-oriented Performance.
Provide feedback to other peoples
Provide positive feedback to any kind of work or encourage all to take full initiatives for betterment.
Get information from other peoples
Open your mind and windows to get full/useful information from the lower of the stage. The filter information helps us to make the right decision.
Gain power and influence
Be a focal person to influence the decision-making process.

Develop social and professional relationships with others
Develop a social, professional relationship with all staff. Arrange formal or informal discussion with staff and dedicate them towards organization goals.
Provide self-expression and their own cultural opportunities and other ideas you may have thought of
Following are the few skills, which we use at all times to communicate our ideas with other peoples

Verbal communication
Body language
Written communication
Internet communication
Fax communication
Face to face communication
Behavioral communication
Telephonic communication
What’s app Communication
Social Media Communication
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