What is The Lesson Planning Definition?

What is The Lesson Planning Definition

Here is a useful and comprehensive lesson planning definition template for the training organizers to run all sessions rightly to complete the training session. Let see the below table to understand how to develop a concrete training session for professionals

What is The Lesson Planning Definition?






Human Resource Development
Target Group
Senior Professionals
 The aim of this session is to enhance the knowledge of the participants and their skills in Human Resource Development, so that they are able to use these skills and knowledge in achieving their goals in their workplace
By the end of the session, the participants are able to handle:
Human Resource Development
Human Resource Management
Recruitment & Selection Process
Human Resource Inventory
Human Resource Employee Benefit
Salary, Health & life insurance, Leave and other benefits as per the organization HR policy
Strategic Planning for Future Human Resource
Able to Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
How to handle difficult peoples
Employee’s contract management
Performance Appraisal System
Training Need Assessment (TNA)
Duration of Session
8 Hours (Including 30 minutes lunch break)
Day 2
Human Resource Development
Link with the previous session
Review the previous outcomes
Facilitator opens the discussion on Human Resource Management:

What is Human Resource Management
Functions of Human Resource Management
Role of HR Concern
Staff Capacity Building
Basic responsibilities of HR

Participants present their findings in white broad, followed by discussion.
Certificate distribution ceremony. Vote of Thanks by the Chief guests
Writing Pads,  Multi-media, Ball Pens, Flipchart, Board Marker, File Separator, Plastic folders,  etc.

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