Cashier Job Description in Bank

Cashier Job Description in Bank
Choosing a career as a cashier in any bank or organization is a tough decision in terms of performing daily strict duty and deal with customers with a great gesture. Counting incoming and out transitions and maintaining the correct record of all transactions of daily and reconcile the cash counter is a very tough and patience job. The cashier job description in the bank is no lengthy but his/her duty demands full attention and great public dealing skills.  In this article, we’ll discuss the cashier job description one by one and try to determine how cashier plays his/her role and what skills need to become a cool and present mind while dealing with huge clients in the cash counter.


Overall responsible to deal clients with patience and maintain cash counter up to date on a daily basis. Key Administrative Assistant Skills


  • Open cash counter well in time and count the beginning cash in hand.
  • Check yesterday’s ending transaction record and link today’s record correctly.
  • Collect all deposits from client and enter the cash in their accounts correctly.
  • Issue cash received a voucher to cline with electronic printed signatures of the receiver.
  • Examine the drawing cheques are correctly filled all fields and match the client signatures with electronic record when needed.
  • Collect all utility and fee bills from clients and deposit the same amount of the concerned bank account.
  • Operate cash counter electronic machine for a huge amount while pay or receipt from clients.
  • Deal all clients with professionally and try to satisfy all of them with positive behavior or smile.
  • Treat all clients with first come first serve and give priority to the elders, disables and special persons if needed.
  • Avoid personal communication with the known person during the cash counter duty.
  • Switch off all your personal devices i.e. mobile, laptops, I pad and avoid communication while receiving and payment.
  • Make sure all safety and security measures are in place, CCTV cameras working properly and coordinate with the security department if needed.
  • Close all transactions within the official time and re-check today’s all transactions and update the record accordingly.
  • Punch all payment vouchers and make sure all vouchers have printed signatures from the system.
  • Update cash register and close all records in the confidential place provided by the jobholder. Why Should We Hire You
  • Graduate from reputed institution
  • Technical and General Skills
  • Be alert all time during the duty
  • Handle all clients professionally
  • Familiar with cash counter software
  • Have the knowledge to check fake notes
  • Be able to stay in chair 8 hours with a 1-hour break for lunch.
  • Pre-checks before hire cashier
  • Review carefully candidates past job journey and read the experience certificates from last employers
  • Contact with the referrals provided by the candidate and get feedback from referrals.
  • Contact with previous employers to check his/her loyalty and performance.
  • Read all educational, experience and personal related documents.
  • Keep all personal information i.e. family background belongs from, relatives, identity cards and other papers reflect candidates' past.
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