Sample Agreement Between Two Parties

Sample Agreement Between Two Parties

The written sample agreement between two parties is the key documents to set all terms and conditions and roles and responsibilities while doing business with each other. Both parties bound to follow strictly each clause of the said agreement. Sample agreement between two parties is mutual understanding and both have powers to discontinue it with notifying the other party in the given time frame.  In this article, we’ll set down the agreement among the customer and fuel supplier. Agreements valid for a specific time period, and extend it for a further period with mutual understanding.


The Agriculture Development Bank hereinafter will be called the “Customer” and Total Services hereinafter called to “Supplier” having agreed for purchasing and supplying of fuel to vehicles of the bank in accordance with that both the parties have agreed to:
The customer shall be responsible to:
Advance security (refundable) will be deposited equal to the monthly credit limit of the respective department.

Name and Computerize National Identity Card (CNIC) number of a responsible person of the department along with his specimen signatures must be mentioned. Vehicles for fueling should only be entertained if the specimen signatures match.

Issue fuel slips to the supplier with a joint signatory of any authorized person mentioned in this agreement. The slip will include vehicle number, date and quantity of fuel (HSD/PMG, etc).
Billing book will be provided by the client himself.
Monthly bill be provided on 2nd of each month which is required to be cleared within 10 of each month, however, a grace period of one month will be provided in case of any unavoidable reasons.

If a department fails to clear bills for two consecutive months, the credit facility will be discontinuing for that particular department.
Vehicle numbers must be mentioned in deed (required to be fuelling).
Make payment to the supplier through cross cheques/ cash within seven days after receiving bills and payment requests.

The supplier will be responsible for:
  • Provide good quality petroleum products inaccurate quantity.
  • Provide prescribed fuel issues receipts/formats to the customer
  • Provide required fuel to the customer on their request for all its vehicles. Machinery used by the bank in normal circumstances.
  • Provide the bills along with the fuel issued receipts on the 1st of each month.
  • Provide petroleum products as per market price as fixed by the Government.
  • Give priority in the provision of fuel to our clients in case of any fuel crises.
  • Moreover, in case of any emergency, shall pay advance cash (only on the call of head of the department) against voucher of petroleum products as per the purchase rate.
Both parties shall:

Inform each other about any changes to the contract. Either party has the right to terminate the contract by giving at least one month's notice and paying the dues or security deposit etc.

Authorized signatories of responsible person of the both parties:

Name and CNIC                      ________________                ________________

Name and CNIC                      ________________                ________________

Party-1                                                                                                Party-2

________________________                                                           ________________________
Signature authorized person                                                            Signature authorized person

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