Thank You Letter To Work Colleagues

Employee retirement from govt offices are common practices, every employee who reached 60 years of age can leave the position for newcomers and enjoy the retirement life ahead. It is compulsory to complete the 60 years of age or it may vary in different countries as per their rules and regulations.  However, commonly 60 years of age is a bar to discontinue the services of the employee with great honor.

Different organizations celebrate it differently and others with issuing a great letter to accept his/her long-standing services to the organization. Following is the sample of letter to acknowledge the outgoing employee's endless efforts and pay tribute to the employee for his utmost contribution to the organization during his/her association with the organization. It is the latest way to pay tribute to the employee for his services. 

Retirement Program 2018/19
Agriculture Development Bank
Regional Programme Office

Thank You Letter To Work Colleagues

Mr. Andrew Straus
General Manager Operation
(1st January 1985 to 31st December 2019)

On behalf of AGRICULTURE DEVELOPMENT BANK Management, we would like to congratulate Mr. Andrew Straus General Manager Operation on his retirement after serving 34 precious and dedicating years of his services rendered for this Bank. 

He joined Agriculture Development Bank on 1st January 1985 as a General Manager Operation, during his service, he dedicatedly works with different management and his performance were high. He was sincere with his responsibilities, and performed all tasks brilliantly and patiently.

His service was ending on 31 December 2019. On the occasion of his retirement, we all take the honor of thanking him for his long-standing services. He has always been a very dedicated and diligent employee and we wish him all the very best for his retirement life. We wish him good health and may enjoy his time off. 9 Job Interview Question Ideas to Increase job probability

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