What is Communication Breakdown?

What is Communication breakdown?

Strong communication ability is the key to success in the professional journey. Without having good communication skills being a human always difficult to defend the situation.  In personal life, you just need to communicate what you want with ease and acceptable approach and the same is essential in the professional career.  In this article, we’ll discuss the communication breakdown and how to communicate with teammates.

What is Communication Breakdown?

There are several ways to communicate your opinion to others and most common mediums are meeting, net conference, presentations, and email and through writing letters etc.

Conduct staff meetings and share the ideas with a team is key to success. But you need clear vision and outcomes of the target. Communicate the idea with clear pros and cons and cover all challenges clearly. Communicate all breakdowns with colleagues and be ready to provide support whenever needed. So the meeting is the key communication platform to share everything which needs to discuss. Key Functions of HR

You don’t need to gather in one place to discuss and share the ideas and work progress. The net conference is connecting each member through Skype or other conferencing tools to gather.  For financial resource perspective, the net conference is an easy way to conduct virtual meetups with all stakeholders.

Good presentation skill is most demandable skills in the current digital marketing era.  Peoples who have good presentation skills ultimately meet their targets easily. A comprehensive and meaningful presentation is the key to success in all fields of life.

The electronic mailing exercise is a growing the hobby of the peoples in professional life. Most of the line managers prefer to communicate through email with all staff.  Communication with employees with email is a time-saving and authentic approach. You need better writing skills to pass on a message with clear understandings.

How do we communicate?
We do communicate and strengthen our interpersonal relationships through:
Speech: to convey our feelings, perceptions, etc through verbally discussions.
Writing: Educated peoples are using this tool to communicate each other in writing form.
Listening: Special skill to get information from others
Nonverbal language: Indications, Body language, etc
Music, art, and crafts: Cultural communication

Depending upon the situation, one method of communication maybe better than others.
In-person:  one to one
In-person:  meetings, small groups
In-person:  Presentation, large groups

Educated peoples are communicating their ideas and experiences through writing. 
E-communication growing in the world speedily, currently, a large no of peoples are using this communication system to save their valuable time.

Share your ideas to:
State on opinion or position
Give instruction or directions
Announce a change
Make Presentation
Participate in Meetings
Give information in emergencies
Communicate the organizational mission, vision, and value
Any other ideas you may have thought of

Get good information to:
Find out facts and details
Get direction or instructions
Try to understand another’s point of view

Help someone solve a problem
Resolve a team conflict
Solve word problems

Voice Mail
Face-to-Face communication
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