H.R Coordinator Job Description | Top 3 Tasks

H.R Coordinator Job Description

H.R The coordinator plays multiple roles and coordinates with all HR colleagues to handle all HR related assignments professionally. The following are the key roles of H.R Coordinator in any organization
Job Summary.

H.R Coordinator Job Description | Top 3 Tasks 

H.R Coordinator Job Description of  Hiring/Firing)                                                                           
  • Keep a record of all newcomers and outgoing employee
  • Prepare contracts with coordination/guidance of HR Manager General Core
  • Develop an annual hiring plan according to Sections requirements
  • The initial hiring process in all regions with the approval of GM directly
  • Making sure all compliances according to the HR policy
  • Up to date all new contracts renewals i.e. ST, ET and Regulars
  • Health and life insurance of all employees
  • Process all resignations through proper channel and hire new to fill the vacant position
  • Handle final clearance procedures according to the policy
  • Conduct exit interviews and share findings with SMF/HR Manager General Core
H.R Coordinator Job Description Training & Development/Performance Appraisal                     
  • Initiate/ lead Annual and mid-year performance review
  • Analyze the outcomes of PA/MY progress and issue appreciation and warning letters
  • Conduct pre-assessments of staff training needs
  • Organize in-house and in other training providing institutes
  • Conduct a post-assessment training result and measure performances
  • Consolidate/ analyze training need assessment with section heads
  • Develop linkages with training institutes in the country and abroad
H.R Coordinator Job Description Pay, Pension and Benefits                                                       
  • Handle all pay pension cases of retired employees
  • Make sure all employees registered with pension plan
  • Handle all pension/grant cases as per rule
  • Maintain and update ex employees record for pension preparations
  • Handle salary-related grievances of employees
  • Coordinate with Manager/Coordinator TD/PA to finalize the special increment cases
  • Conduct a survey of all other Sister institution to uniformity in salaries and benefits
  • Other tasks related to pay, pension & benefits. HR Manager Salary With Master Degree
HR Assistant to look after miscellaneous HR-related tasks i.e. staff attendance, staff medical claims, a record of personnel files, leave, travel, and manual attendance record.


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