School Office Administrator Job Description

School Office Administrator Job Description
PURPOSE OF THE POSITION: The Administration Officer is responsible for maintaining day-to-day administrative and personnel services in order to meet requirements and support service operations.

School Office Administrator Job Description

The main responsibilities of school office administrator officer are furnished (but not limited to) as follows:

Ensure general office administration, discipline and record keeping.
Lead, supervise and facilitate admin and supporting staff (Lab & Library Assistants, Front desk secretary, Office Assistants, Technician, Gardner, Drivers, Office Boys, Security Guards, Cleanliness force) and delegating work to them.

Procure and maintain the office equipment (including Machines, telephone(s), computer(s), projector(s) etc)/furniture/fixtures through ensuring their serviceability. School Principal Role

Facilitate the organizational Units, Departments and individuals through procuring and issuing, the stationery and other related pre-requisites/assets as well as maintain their proper and systematic records.
Keep personnel records (updated) of both students and staff, manage the filing, storage and security of documents as well as to compile/write daily/weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/ Annual reports and data-base.
Ensure general office maintenance like housekeeping, pest control, hygiene, electrical and mechanical, sanitary and plumbing, space management, minor repairs (Carpentry, masonry, furniture, painting, etc).

Chair admin and supporting staff meetings, conducting their appraisals as well as maintaining the appraisal records of admin and supporting staff in an efficient way.

Supervise and parents and/or students services and facilitate/respond to parent’s admin related inquiries. Monitoring & Evaluation Officer Job Description

  • Deal with vendors/service providers (like suppliers, mechanics, etc) and proper record keeping of their transactional documents.
  • Liaise with the education department, examination board, and other institutions, etc.
  • Carry out inter and intra organizational correspondence (post and mails/emails).
  • Liaison, meet and discuss with senior management to review office performance.
  • Organize and facilitate meetings, appointments, event(s) and programs.
  • Design and administer admissions and other announcements and keeping their records.
  • Take care of legal cases and their proper follow-up.
  • Issue permits for maintenance of and fuel for vehicles, machines and generators.
  • Ensure security arrangements of institutional premises.
  • Make sure the necessary gardening and landscape development.
  • Maintain a stock register of all fix and current assets (Science Lab, Library and computer lab items, etc).
  • Monitor logbooks of vehicles, Machines and generator etc.
  • Assist finance department in fee recovery and other related issues.
  • Formulate schedules and making sure the smooth operations of transportation and logistics.
  • Assist and facilitate the HR department and academic units in conducting the staff and student inductions and assessments.
  • Undertake other duties appropriate to the post that may reasonably be required and assigned by the Principal of the institution.
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