Top 10 Reasons To Decline A Job Offer

Top 10 Reasons to decline a job offer
There are several reasons and other circumstances behind to decline a job offer, however, declining a job offer is not an easy task for you to take an immediate decision, you need to think about deeply and analyze all the factors i.e. threats, opportunities, benefits and many more dimensions to come to the right decision. In this article, we’ll discuss the probabilities of why professionals decline a job offer.

Top 10 Reasons To Decline A Job Offer 

Lower position:
The higher position and attractive designation is higher demand in the current job market. Most of the professionals look to achievement higher designation job to uplift their CV market.  Accepting a lower position means you have not enough potential or capacity to handle the higher position. 

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Less opportunity to grow:
The professionals always looking to grape new opportunities to go higher rank or grade to enjoy more benefits: If the companies have fewer chances to grow internally that cause a negative impact on the professionals grooming. That’s the reason why professionals decline a job offer.

Less salary offered:
Health pay and compensation structure is the best motivational tool to attract the best human resources to join the company. If the offered salary and benefits less than the previous job, the candidate straight forward decline a job offer.

Fewer Benefits and protections:
Except for monthly salary, professionals consider about other benefits i.e. health insurance, out-patient facilities, dependents inclusion in insurance policies. So they work with full attention.  If the company did not provide the said safety nets to its employees, often best human resource leave from the job and decline a job offer of newcomers.

Fewer professionals team:
Indeed, teamwork is the key to success in any type of company. If companies have less experienced and lazy employees, ultimately they will be a liability to the company. In that case, new professionals show their hesitation to accept the job offer.

Job insecure:
Job security is necessary to get a better result and it is top demand from employees to do their work without any job insecurity.  Provide job security and safety to engage in quality human resources.

Short-term employment contract:
Always offer an extended-term contract to the employee so they feel secure and safe.  Short-term the contract is a key factor to decline a job offer.

Less terminal benefits:
Introduce healthy terminal benefits to minimize the turnover of key human resources. Orient employees about their terminal benefits applicability and assure its implementation.

Far away from your residence:
It is a common reason. Most professionals prefer to get a job near to their residence and avoid far away job opportunities. 

How to decline a job offer?

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your offer for the post of an administrative assistant as a result of my last interview. However, I regret to accept your offer currently due to unavoidable reasons. I will be very much thankful if you accept my regret letter.

Thank You,

Job offer acceptance email:

To:                          Manager of Human Resource

From:                    Stephen Rasmussen

Date:                     24 October 2019

Subject:                 Job offer letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

With reference to your email regarding the job offer letter, I would like to thanks for giving me an opportunity to work with a dynamic team and learn more. I accept the subject offer position and eager to join.

Thanks for your email about the offer and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you,

Stephen Rasmussen
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