What Are the Documents Used in Purchasing Process?

What Are the Documents Used in Purchasing Process?

Documentation of purchasing anything activity is a lengthy and hectic process in any organization, the procurement officer should need to start it from the A and go through Z as per the purchasing policies.  In this article, we’ll describe the most common and easy procurement plan step by step.

Purchase Requisition Form
Basically, the purchase requisition form is starting the procurement from the market. Concern section head and project manager initiate the purchase requisition form and submit it to the procurement department for further process.  Key parts of the purchase requisition form are.

purchasing process

Part # 1
Description and list of goods/items needed to the project.
No, of units
Quantity of the goods/items
Estimated unit cost
Estimated total cost
Project/section to be charged
Budget Code

Part # 2
Requestor’s Authorization with special notes
Recommendation of Supervisor

Part # 3
Financial Review/ Check budget availability
Approval from the competent authority
Submit to the procurement department

Request for Quotations:
RFQ Serial Number
RFQ issue date & and submission dateline
Issued by (organization name and address)
Issued to (supplier name and address)
Item list as per RRF received from concern section
Evaluation Criteria (Quality of item with the lowest price)
Terms of payment (payment will be made as per rule and tax deducted from the payment)
Important note (quotation will be applicable for the specific time period)
Key requirements (sealed quotation in vender’s letter head etc.)
Vendor receipt and acknowledgment

Procurement Manager Job Description

Comparative Statement:
Date of evaluation
Quotations 1,2,3
Lowest quoted the price with all service charges and after sale service
Warranty period
Evaluation criteria
Maximum score
Recommendation of the evaluation committee

Purchase Order:
Purchase order #
Quotation Reference # and date
Vender name and address
Deliver time and location
Terms and conditions
Supplier acceptance

Good Received/Inspection Note GRN/GIN:
Purchase order #
Date of Deliver
Invoice #
Supplier name and address
Items, Units, Quantity, Remarks, and inspection remarks
Goods/ Item received by _______________
Goods / Items Verified by ______________

Purchase Order Register:
Purchase order # and Date
Name of Supplier
Delivery Date
Item Description
Quantity ordered, delivered, balance

Detailed procurement plan:
Disclosure of conflict of interest
Evaluation of expression of interest
Summary of expression of interest
Pre-qualified letter
Not a qualified letter
Invite to tender letter
Tender opening sheet
Technical evaluation Report
Financial evaluation

The stages of comprehensive procurement procedures and steps mention in here above.  Hope this information will give you benefits in your procurement plan.  However, it varies the terms and conditions in different locations and prices also may vary in terms of procurement quantity.
THIS AGREEMENT is entered into force after signing of both parties
Agriculture Business Corporation,
(Herein referred to as the “Client”)
M/s ABC Steel Corporation,
(Herein referred to as the Supplier)
Supply of Steel is the prime responsibility of the supplier. The detailed specifications of the required items are mentioned as below:
(Table – A)

S. No
Steel Commercial 3/1 inch
Steel Commercial ½ Inch

The specifications of the above-stated items are fixed and unchanged unless priory intimated from the purchaser in written. Any items handed over to a nominated representative from ABC, deviating from specifications mentioned above will not be accepted and supplier will be responsible to change bearing all costs including replacement, transportation, and any other if applicable.

The performance of the Supplier shall be measured as the Supplier shall ensure the quality of items to be purchased, and inspection to be done by ABC technical facilitators.

The Client may ask the Supplier to perform Additional Services / Items during the currency of this Agreement. Such Additional Services shall be performed with the prior concurrence of both the Parties.

The Agreement shall terminate when, pursuant to the provisions hereof, the Provision of items on sites have been completed and the payment of remunerations has been made.

The Client may, by a written notice of thirty 05 days to the Supplier, terminate this Agreement. All accounts between the Client and the Supplier shall be settled not later than ten 10 days of the date of such termination.

The Supplier may suspend the Agreement by a written notice of five (05) days only if the Supplier does not receive payments due under this Agreement within ten (10) days of submission of it's an invoice.

If the payment is still not made to the Supplier after twenty (20) days of notice of suspension, the Supplier may terminate this Agreement in whole or in part. If the Agreement is terminated by the Supplier under such circumstances, the Client shall pay, within a period of thirty (30) days of the date of such notice of intent to terminate referred above, all payments due to the Supplier.

The term "Force Majeure" as employed herein shall mean acts of God, strikes, lock-out or other
industrial disturbances, acts of public enemy, wars, blockades, insurrection, riots, epidemics,
landslides, earthquakes, storms, lightning, floods, washouts, civil disturbances, explosions, and any other similar events, not within the control of either Party and which by the exercise of due diligence neither party is able to overcome. 

If either Party is temporarily unable by reason of Force Majeure or the laws or regulations 
to meet any of its obligations under the Agreement, and if such Party gives to the other party written the notice, of the event within fifteen (15) days after its occurrence, such obligations of the Party, as it is unable to perform by reason of the event shall be suspended for as long as the inability continues.
Neither Party shall be liable to the other Party for loss or damage sustained by such other Party
arising from any event referred to as Force Majeure or delays arising from such events. Force Majeure
shall not include insufficiency of funds or failure to make any payment required under
the Agreement.

Any dispute or difference arising out of the Agreement which cannot be amicably settled between the
Parties shall be finally settled under the provisions of the Arbitration Act, 1940 (Act No. X of 1940)  and rules made thereunder as amended from time to time.

The agreement shall, in all respects, be read and construed and shall operate in conformity with
the laws and the courts at the location indicated in Appendix D, Special Conditions shall have
exclusive jurisdiction for adjudicating and interpreting the Agreement.

No variation in or modifications to the terms of the Agreement shall be made, except by a written
the amendment signed by the Parties hereto.

Any notice is given by any of the Parties hereto shall be sufficient only if in writing and delivered in the person or through registered mail.

The Supplier shall be paid 998,100 /- PKR (Nine hundred ninety-eight thousand, and one hundred Rupees only) for the Provision of following Equipment (as mentioned in Table – A). Break down of Unit cost is stated in the below table. All applicable taxes will be deducted at source as per government law.

Unit Cost
MS Pipe, Dia 6 inch, 4mm thickness
Flanges 12mm thickness for 6 inches pipe with 8 holes for nut bolts welded @ per 20ft pipe piece with nut bolts M16 and rubber packing 4 mm

Payment Distribution:
20% of the total amount is to be paid advance.
80% of the total amount is to be paid after the delivery of Goods.

Delivery Time:
Supply of all items is required to be delivered to the community within ____6____Working days after award of contract OR as agreed on delivery time with the client.

Liabilities and Penalties:
The inspection of the above-said items will be carried out by the ABC team. An inspection report should have to be submitted for the final payment.
ABC is authorized to impose a penalty or terminate the contract in case of failure in delivering within a given time or any sub-standard items provided.
By signing this agreement means that the supplier is agreed with all the terms and conditions of this agreement.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties have executed this Agreement, in two (2) identical
counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an original, as of the day, month and year first above written.


_________________________                                                     _______________________
Project Engineer                                                                            Designation: General Manager

Real Engineering Services
Date and Venue________________________


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