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The full form of a CV stands for “Curriculum Vitae” the CV is the best-selling product of your professional career. In the job market, lots of employers offer different positions on a daily basis to acquire the best human resources for their offices to do work according to their needs. An attractive and meaningful CV can present itself in front of the employer. 

With a meaningful and attractive CV you have, then you are on the right path to getting the best job easily. CV is your strength including showing your abilities how to handle the given job description.

How to Make a CV:
Preparing of CV is not rocket science; put your all details i.e. personal, educational, experience, training details, and solid references in the CV

But making good looking CV is quite challenging for new students, your CV Format should be clean and clear, your objective should reflect the employer’s desire, and your experience should match the position you are applying to.

Curriculum Vitae Meaning:

Curriculum Vitae meaning is the best product that you want to sell on the job market. the meaning of a CV is your expertise, qualities, adaptability, knowledge management, operational skills, personnel information, good references, past affiliations, achievements, accomplishments,  and future goals.

CV Meaning:

CV means simply you have the product to explore in the job market.  it is up to your CV which makes you a good, professional, experience story in the shape of paper or e-paper.

Body of CV?

You should consist all information in your CV according to the position requirements i.e.

  • Personal Information
  • Educational Information
  • Work Experience Information
  • Future Path Information
  • Capacity Building Information
  • Volunteer work information
  • Reference Information

Top 12 Types of CV:

  1. Chronological CV
  2. Functional CV
  3. Combination CV
  4. Targeted CV
  5. Mini CV
  6. Private CV
  7. Official CV
  8. Recognize CV
  9. Short CV
  10. Long CV
  11. Hard CV
  12. Soft CV

Full-Form of CV “Curriculum Vitae”

Top 10 CV Full-Forms

CV- Curriculum Vitae

CV- Cash Value

CV- Current Value

CV- Cash Voucher

CV- Correct Value

CV- Commercial Value

CV- Cost Volume

CV- Career Value

CV- Cashier Voucher

CV- Clash Van

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