Full Form of NGO

Full Form of NGO

The NGO Full form stands for “Non-Governmental Organization” all NGOs work under the competent Govt Registration Authority. The basic objective of NGO is to support rural or un development communities to uplift their living standards. Many types of NGO working in the field i.e. Rural Development, Infrastructure Development, Educational Development, Health Facilities Development, Eradication of Gender-Based Violence, Human Right Development, and Social/Resource Mobilization to the community.

NGO=Non Governmental Organization

Full Form of NGO | Non-Govt Organization

Top 10 NGO Commonly Use Full Forms

NGO- Non-Governmental Organization
NGO- Not Good Opportunities
NGO- Not Go Opposite
NGO- North Google Office
NGO- Normal Game Options
NGO- New Groups Optimization
NGO- New Good Opportunities
NGO- Not Good Offers
NGO- Net Group Organize
NGO- New Group Observer

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