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The NGO Full form stands for “Non-Governmental Organization” All NGOs work under the competent Govt Registration Authority. 

Some NGOs get international funding and some NGOs work with local governments to eradicate poverty from remote areas with the financial support of the Local Government & Rural Development Department.

10 Amazing NGO full forms | Donor List

The basic objective of an NGO is to support rural communities or un-development communities to uplift their living standards through strengthening local support institutions and conducting awareness sessions to cope with the development methodologies. 

To implement the above-mentioned targets in deprived communities, the following sections play a key role.

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NGO Programme Sections:

Institutional Development Section:

The ID section leads all activities in the field to the formation of village/women organizations and develops comprehensive by-laws for the formed organization according to the village organization's needs.

Economic Development Section:

Develop a comprehensive economic development module for community organizations and main targets to farmers, entrepreneurs, producers, and value chain and develop linkages with local or national markets to sell community local products.

Gender Development Section:

The Gad section provides space for both males and females to work together with respect and security. The GaD section produces a code of conduct to adhere to all policies and make the work environment safe and secure.

NRM Section:

Natural Resource Management section plays a key role to uplift the living standard of village life by adopting the latest technologies for farmers of agriculture, livestock, and, forest.

MIES Section:

Mountain Infrastructure Engineering Section provides technical support to the community while developing road linkages, water reservoirs, poney tracks, water channels, suspension bridges, and more. 

NGO Support Sections:

The finance section plays a key role in an NGO to streamline financial matters. The finance sections' key tasks are the preparation of the annual budget for activities, staff salaries, creation of endowment funds, employee benefits, annual audit i.e. internal or external, all payments to vendors, and suppliers, and preparation of debit notes to other regions and, annual closings. 

The administration section plays a vital role to run officer matters smoothly, i.e. security, and safety, procurements, arranging field visits, accommodations, guest handling, arranging staff meetings, vehicle records, maintaining trip sheets, and day-by-day activities. 

The human resource section is a key part of an NGO and its responsibilities are: to develop job specifications, job descriptions, position advertisements, cv short-listings, test/interview conduction, HR policies development, annual performance appraisals, annual increments, salary structure, contracts issuing, training & development, promotions, demotions, transfers, terminations and, dealing pension cases if applicable. Role of OPD in Hospitals

Types of NGOs and Their Role:

Village-level NGOs: A village-level NGO performs its part to provide awareness to the local community and develop a comprehensive village development plan after discussion with all stakeholders.

Union Council Level NGOs: UC-level NGOs play a key role to spread awareness sessions and community mobilization sessions. 

The key role of UC-level NGOs is to develop linkages with line departments and get grants for UC-level development.

District Level NGOs: Consolidate all baseline data from all villages and identify their needs, then develop a proposal to the Govt line departments for financial resources.

National Level NGOs: Provide strategic planning exercise sessions to the line department and coordinate with all district administrations to implement the public sector development project funds. National NGOs getting funding from national-level donors.

INGOs: work with all stakeholders to develop a comprehensive annual plan for specific areas to develop the living standards of the poor. 

INGOs normally work the rural development, children's rights, the environment, health and hygiene, shelter, rapid action against disasters, food, and many more. What is the full form of ICU?

Key Component of NGOs

  1. Provide awareness to the people

  2. Enhance capacity building

  3. Uplift the living standards

  4. Organize people for a common cause

  5. Develop education systems

  6. Strength of basic health facilities

  7. Gender equity and equality

  8. Develop village development plans

  9. Provide awareness about small savings

  10. Provide Social Mobilization training

  11. Provide resource mobilization training

  12. Arrange natural resource management sessions

  13. Introduce an internal loaning system

  14. Formation of village organizations/women's organizations

  15. Provide human rights awareness

  16. Provide technical competencies training

  17. Child rights awareness

  18. Introduce basic education/health system

  19. Public-private partnership

Structure of an NGO

Top Management: General Manager

Project Manager Institutional Development, Project Manager Resource Development, Project Manager Economic Development, Project Manager Gender Development,  Project Manager Value Chain Development, Project Manager Training Development, Project Manager health & hygiene, Project Manager water and sanitation, Project Manager Credit & savings,

Many types of NGOs work in the field i.e. Rural Development, Infrastructure Development, Educational Development, Health Facilities Development, Eradication of Gender-Based Violence, Human Right Development, and Social/Resource Mobilization to the community.

International Donors List:

  • AusAID
  • UK-AID
  • CIDA
  • JICA
  • DFID
  • KFW
  • GTZ
  • BRAC
  • EC/EU

Full-Form of NGO "Non-Governmental Organization"

Top 10 NGO Full Forms Commonly Used

NGO- Non-Governmental Organization

NGO- New Golden Opportunities

NGO- Not Go Opposite

NGO- North Google Office

NGO- Normal Game Options

NGO- New Groups Optimization

NGO- New Good Opportunities

NGO- Not Good Offers

NGO- Net Group Organize

NGO- New Group Observer


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