10 Meaningful GRN Full Forms

Full forms of GRN stands for “Good Receipt Note” GRN is a final stage of the whole procurement process that starts from the purchase requisition form from, sections and starts purchasing goods from the market.

Request for quotations from bidders and compile all rates and prepare a comparative summary then issue a purchase order to the lowest supplier.

Supplies from suppliers and notes all items in the GRN to maintain stock register including update the asset inventory register. Complete Procurement Process

The GRN helps us to collect all items as per the purchase order issued to the supplier. Learn Job full meaning

Key Documents Short-Forms in Procurement?

  • Purchase Requisition Form (PRF)
  • Request For Quotation (RFQ)
  • Comparative Summary (CSI)
  • Purchase Order (PO)
  • Goods Receipt Note (GRN)
  • Purchase Order Register (POR)
  • Procurement Plan (PP)
  • Consultant Require Form (CRF)
  • Conflict of Interest (COI)
  • Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Pre-Qualified Letter (PQL)
  • Invitation To Tender (ITT)
  • Tender Opening Sheet (TOS)
  • Technical Evaluation Report (TER)
  • Financial Evaluation Report (FER)
  • Contract Approval Sheet (CAS)

Full-Form of GRN "Good Receipt Note" 

Top 10 GRN Commonly Use Full Forms
GRN- Good Receipt Note

GRN- Global Radio News

GRN- Goods Release Note

GRN- Govt Revenue Number

GRN- Genetic Regularity Network

GRN- General Recommendation Notes

GRN- Group Report Notice

GRN- Girls Rule Number 

GRN- Game Rule Note

GRNGraduation Result Notice

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