Amazing 20 Full Form of ADP

The full form of ADP is called the “Annual Development Plan” The ADP is the key document of the Planning and Development Ministry to acquire financial resources from the Finance Ministry to Develop comprehensive Annual Development Plan activities with consultation from all federal and provincial stakeholders.

Amazing 20 Full Forms of ADP

The Approved ADP is the key paper to initiate all development initiatives according to ADP.

What is the 1st Step of Planning?

The setting of financial and administrative project objectives are the basic steps in the annual planning process. Objectives or goals specify what the organization wants to achieve.

What Are the Five Features of the Annual Plan?

  1. Focus and Commitment:
  2. Shrinking the anticipated Factors:
  3. List out the anticipated shadow aspects:
  4. Pre-Determine the Flexibility:
  5. Core Contribution to Enterprise Objectives:
  6. Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of Efficiency:
  7. Drawing of Selective Alternatives:

What Are Basic Steps of Planning?

Define objectives. The first, and the most crucial, step in the planning process is to determine what is to be accomplished during the planning period. What Are Functions of ATM?

  1. Develop premises.
  2. Evaluate alternatives.
  3. Identify resources.
  4. Plan and implement tasks.
  5. Determine tracking and evaluation methods.

ADP=Annual Development Plan
ADP=Additional Director Planning
ADP=Audit Department Position

Full-Form of ADP "Annual Development Plan"

ADP- Annual Development Plan
ADP -Access Direct Point
ADP -Additional Director Planning
ADP -Admin Directive Policies
ADP -Audit Department Position
ADP -Automatic Diversion Process
ADP -Advance Deduction Process
ADP- Adhere Delivery Points
ADP -Assam Development Project
ADP -Accessories Delivery Position
ADP -Amend Defective Policies
ADP -Air Defense Protocols
ADP -Analyze During Performance
ADP -Asian Development Project
ADP -Accounting Diary Preparation
ADP -Agriculture Development Project
ADP -Advocacy Dialogue Process
ADP -American Democratic Party
ADP - Amazing Dieting Plan
ADP -Awesome Dating Platform

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