Full Form of CEC

Full Form of CEC

Full Form of CEC

The full form of CEC stands for the “Central Executive committee” CEC is a core committee to take a decision about the organization. CEC is comprised of all members of the board of directors including the organization management team from over all the program areas. CEC is a key platform to table all the official matters to take a decision and allocate financial resources to upcoming events and field activities. CEC the meeting chaired by the chairman or co-chairman.

CEC=Central Executive Committee  

Top 10 CEC Commonly Use Full Forms

CEC -Central Executive Committee
CEC- Chief Election Commissioner
CEC- Consortium Education Communication
CEC- California Energy Commission
CEC- Citizen Environment Coalition
CEC- Consumer Electronic Control
CEC- Civic, Economic Commerce
CEC- Customer Enroll Criteria
CEC- Control Exam Centers
CEC- Clear Entire Complains


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