What Is Full Form of CEC?

The full form of CEC stands for the “Central Executive committee” CEC is a core committee to take a decision about the organization.

full form of cec

CEC is comprised of all members of the board of directors including the organization management team from all the program areas.

CEC is a key platform to table all the official matters to take a decision and allocate financial resources to upcoming events and field activities. CEC the meeting chaired by the chairman or co-chairman.

CEC=Central Executive Committee  

Top 10 CEC Commonly Use Full Forms

CEC -Central Executive Committee

CEC- Chief Election Commissioner

CEC- Consortium Education Communication

CEC- California Energy Commission

CEC- Citizen Environment Coalition

CEC- Consumer Electronic Control

CEC- Civic, Economic Commerce

CEC- Customer Enroll Criteria

CEC- Control Exam Centers

CEC- Clear Entire Complains


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