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The full form of STH stands for “Safe Time Home” STH is the key exercise to prevent yourself or your family and friends from coronavirus.

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Staying at home practice is imposed by the federal Govt in the whole country to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. Corona is a very dangerous virus and is viral from human to human rapidly. Safe time at home to save the lives of a loved one.

Does COVID Vaccine is Good For Me?

it's all about your health condition or age factor. If your health conditions are weak and your immune power is not strong, then you just need to get vaccines.

Either, if your health condition is good or your age is less than 40, you can survive and control COVID effects probably. Does LOL Mean Lots of Love?

What Are COVID Preventive Measures?

There are several preventive measures you can take to be safe from COVID Virus. 1 stay away from the crowd. 

2 wear a face mask while you are in the market or any other places where other people gathered with each other i.e. shopping markets, commercial banks,  travel stations, cinema halls, cricket grounds, rushy restaurants, and more. 

hand wash with ISO standard soap and continue it for a minimum of 20 seconds. Avoid using common things like the water glass, mobile exchange, shifting jobs with the same accessories, and other common things.

How To Utilize Safe Time Home?

there are many things you can exercise during the safe time i.e. reading books, story writing, net surfing, creative writing, spending time with family, gardening, room redecoration, doing the online job, enhancing your own skills whatsoever, and physical exercise to strong immune power. Learn OPD functions in Hospitals?

Full-Form of STH "Safe Time Home"

Top 10 Quality STH Full Forms

STH- Safe Time Home

SHT- Sorry To Hear

STH- Some Thing Hot

STH- Short-Term Hobby

STH- Strong Team Hiking

STH- Search Term Hashtag

STH- Social Traffic Hunt

STH- Serve Humanity

STH- Seeing The Haven

STH- Specific Term Health


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