PPE Ka Full Form Kya Hai?

PPE ka Full form “Personal Protective Equipment” The personal protective equipment included a protective garment place to keep safe all your body parts to prevent human from a COVID attack.  

ppe ka full form

The PPE equipment usually, consist of standard precautionary measures takes i.e. face mask, hand gloves, face shield, head cover, hand covers, and whole head close plastic cape
PPE= Personal Protective Equipment  
PPE= व्यक्तिगत सुरक्षा उपकरण
PPE= vyaktigat suraksha upakaran

Top 10 PPE Commonly Use Full Forms

PPE -People to People Engagement

PPE- Project Promotion Examples

PPE- Project Proposal Editorial

PPE- Performance Planning Exercise

PPE- Punjab Police Excitement

PPE- Power Point Experience

PPE- Public Primary Essentials

PPE- Procurement Planning Execution

PPE- Perfect Planning Exercises

PPE- Participatory Planning Enrollment


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