WWF Ka Full Form Kya Hota Hai?



WWF Ka Full Form

WWF full form stands for “World Wildlife fund” WWF is international Non-Governmental Organization to look after the wildlife and nature

IUCN Ka Full Form

IUCN's full form stands “International Union Conservation for Nature” IUCN is an international organization to look after natural conservation.

NSS Ka Full Form

NSS full form stands for “North-South Seed” NSS is international organization is looking after seed production.

DRC Ka Full Form

DRC full form stands for “Danish Refugee Council” DRC is Denmark establish international NGO working on settling of refugees.

NRC Ka Full Form

NRC full form stands for “Norwegian Refugee Council” NRC is Norwegian funded international organization to provide support to settle refugees.

WMC Ka Full Form

WMC full form stands for “World Memon Community” WMC is Memon community organization to look after Memon community affairs

IRC Ka Full Form

IRC full form stands “International Rescue Committee” IRC is an international non-government organization to provide health and rescue services to deserving peoples.

ICG Ka Full Form

ICG full form stands for “International Crisis Group” ICG is the international organization to prevent all types of crisis among peoples or countries.

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Key Full Forms

WHO Full Form
ILO Full Form
RFP Full Form
IPS Full Form

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