10 Informative ADM Full Forms | You Never Heard About

The full form of ADM stands for “Additional District Magistrate” ADM is the supportive position to the District Magistrate. The district magistrate person is the front line person to implement Govt rules and regulations at the district level. 

10 Informative ADM Full Forms | You Never Heard About

The additional district magistrate provides support to the district magistrate and coordinates between local administrations with the deputy commissioner. Deputy Commissioner, District Magistrate, or Additional District Magistrate is a key post to play bridge role and keep all peoples personal, land, property, marriage record in district settlement offices.
Full-Form of ADM "Additional District Magistrate"

Top 10 ADM Commonly Use Full Forms

ADM- Additional District Magistrate

ADM- American Democratic Manifesto

ADM- Annual Development Minutes

ADM- Asian Development Members

ADM- Allied Division Members

ADM- Agriculture Development Manufacture

ADM- Analytical Data Measurement

ADM- Additional Deputy Magistrate

ADM- All Demands Meet

ADM- Any Decent Music


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