Full Form of ASHA

Full Form of ASHA

The full form of ASHA stands for “Accredited Social Heath Activist” Accredited Social Health Activist is a not-for-profit community health worker Association initiated by the government of India under the Ministry of Health and Family welfare MoHFW as a part of National Rural Health Mission comes in 2005 and fully implemented in 2012.

full form of asha

The function of ASHA: Protect the rights of community health workers all over the country and provide the platform where the ASHA stakeholders exchange their views, problems, hurdles and opportunities in the field of community health worker’s interest.
Full-Form of ASHA in Community: Rural community called ASHA for “Accredited Social health Players who play a key role in rural areas to provide health facilities under the ASHA.
ASHA Training Period: Initially induction period of ASHA training is for 3 weeks in a five stages. After completion of 6 months period, the lady health worker sensitize to play her role in a rural community to uplift the health standards in a door step
Full Form of ASHA=  Accredited Social Health Activist

Top 10 ASHA Commonly Use Full Forms

ASHA - Accredited Social Health Activist

ASHA- American Saddlebred Horse Association

ASHA- Accredited Star Health Activist

ASHA - American Social Health Association

ASHA - Asian School of Hospitality Arts

ASHA - Aids Sexual Health Awareness

ASHA - Annual Season Health Awareness

ASHA - Accredited Slum Health Activist

ASHA - Arrange Skills Healthy Activities

ASHA - Auto Support Health Awareness


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