Full Form of HR

Full Form of HR

The full form of HR stands for “Human Resource” HR is the backbone of any organization’s success in its field. The basic objective of HR is to scrutinize the best human resources from the market.
HR develops the comprehensive and result in the oriented job description of a position and select the right person for the right job.

full form of hr

HR full form in MBA: After successful completion of the third semester of master's in business administration students choose the specific field of specialization. Masters in Business Administration with specialization of HR is called MBA HR.
HR in Company: HR plays a vital role in a company to develop result-oriented HR inventory and identify the gaps between supply and demands. Strong HR in a company is the key to success.
Full form of HR in Computer: develop a comprehensive Human Resource Information system in a computer to determine the company’s needs and fulfill the required human resource through competitive hiring process.
Full Form of HR=  Human Resource

Top 10 HR Commonly Use Full Forms

HR FULL FORM- Human Resource

HR FULL FORM- High Resolution

HR FULL FORM- Higher Ranking

HR FULL FORM- House Rent

HR FULL FORM- Home Repair

HR FULL FORM- Health Rehabilitation

HR FULL FORM- Human Rights

HR FULL FOMR- Hockey Revival

HR FULL FORMHumanity Response

HR FULL FORM- Healthy Reply


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