Full Form of JEE

Full Form of JEE

The full form of JEE stands for “Joint Entrance Exam” JEE is the examination process in the whole country to select the potential candidates for upper engineering classes. Joint Entrance Exam is a key tool to assess candidate’s eligibility for success.


JEE is the right place to submit your application and appear in the entrance exam for all engineering subjects. All Engineering universities of India are member of the JEE and enroll students from all over the country through JEE exam.
JEE is the most successful and trusted examination process to identify the cream students from the slots from a long period of time.
JEE Eligibility Criteria:
Joint Entrance Exam eligibility criteria contain the candidate’s age, higher qualification class xii or equivalent conducted by the recognized educational institution or central board like CBSE, ICSE.

Books For JEE Exams:

  1. Concept of Physics Vol-1 or Vol-2
  2. Mathematics RD Sharma Class 11th or Class 12th
  3. Chemistry  Organic Chemistry by Morrison Boyd or Concise Inorganic Chemistry
Jee Exam Cities:

  1. Assam
  2. Andhra Pradesh
  3. Bihar
  4. Chhattisgarh
  5. Chandigarh
  6. Daman & Diu
  7. Dehli
  8. Dadra
  9. Gujrat 
  10. Goa
  11. Himachal Pradesh
  12. Haryana
  13. Jharkhand
  14. Jammu & Kashmir
  15. Karnataka
  16. Kerala
  17. Lakshadweep
  18. Madhya Pradesh
  19. Maharashtra
  20. Mizoram
  21. Nagaland
  22. Odisha
  23. Punjab
  24. Rajasthan
  25. Sikkim
  26. Telangana
  27. Tamil Naidu
  28. Uttarakhand
  29. Uttar Pradesh
  30. West Bengal
  31. Out-Side India
JEE= Joint Entrance Exam

Top 10 JEE Commonly Use Full Forms

JEE- Joint Entrance Exam

JEE- Job Entry Exam

JEE- Join English Exam

JEE- Joint Entire Exams

JEE- Jumping Elevation Exact

JEE- Junior Executive Engineer

JEE- Job Execution Evaluation

JEE- Jio Enhanced Employability

JEE- Jio Empower Employees

JEE- Japan Electric Engineering


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