What Is Full Form of MLA?

What Is Full Form of MLA?

The full form of MLA stands for “Member Legislative Assembly” The MLA position has truly come through peoples voting power. 

full form of mla

Peoples choose their own and vote to send the man or women in the parliament/ assembly to protect their human rights and start the development process as well. The legislation is the core function of any parliamentarian elected by the people through their vote.  
Legislative Assembly/Parliament is the floor where member represents their all issues i.e. financial, development, health, education, transport, infrastructure, unemployment, or every issue belongs to human life. Speakers of the parliament play a focal role to run the parliament's progress smoothly. 
Any legislation or amendment approved by parliament goes to the upper house for final approval to implement in the country.

MLA Full Form in Telugu:            శాసనసభ సభ్యుడు / Śāsanasabha sabhyuḍu
MLA Full Form in Tamil:              சட்டமன்ற உறுப்பினர் / Caṭṭamaṉṟa uṟuppiṉar
MLA Full Form in Odia/Oriya:    ବିଧାନସଭା ସଦସ୍ୟ
MLA Full Form in Gujarati:         વિધાનસભાના સભ્ય / Vidhānasabhānā sabhya
MLA Full Form in Bengali:           আইনসভার সদস্য / Ā'inasabhāra sadasya
MLA=Member Legislative Assembly

Top 10 MLA Commonly Use Full Forms

MLA- Member Legislative Assembly

MLA- Minister for Law in Force Agency

MLA- Manager Local Awareness

MLA- Marketing Learning Activities

MLA- Management Level Advice

MLA- Modern Language Association

MLA- Medical Library Association

MLA- Multiple Location Attached

MLA- Mumbai Learning Academy

MLA- Marathi Language Academy


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