Full Form of OKAY

Full Form of OKAY

OKAY, a word we use often to express our feeling of acceptance of a kind of work done by the partner or colleagues. However, the OKAY which arises from the Greek Language. Let’s go to understand the full form of OKAY.

full form of okay

The full form of OKAY stands for “Original Knowledge Analysis Yardstick” mainly OKAY, the word used to all correct with acceptance. But in the current era, most of us using OKAY word to get pure information about the happenings around and related to us.
Difference Between OKEY or OKAY?
OKEY full form stands for “Original Knowledge Evaluation Yardstick” and OKAY full form stands for “Original Knowledge Analysis Yardstick” both have the power of acceptance, approval of work, agreement or acknowledgment of work between parties.
Full-Form of OK
The full form of OK stands for “Olla Kalla or Oll Korrect” and it the word used to denote or acceptance agreement with full understandings of all correct, work done or task completion, etc.


Person 1: Can You Do Favor?
Person2: Why Note
Person1: Thanks
Person2: It’s OK

Chat Between Couples:

Husband: I’m going to the office
Wife: OK

Chat Between Friends:

Friend 1: Can I take your car, please  
Friend 2: OK

Full-Form of OKAY=  Original Knowledge Analysis Yardstick

Top 10 OKAY Commonly Use Full Forms

OKAY- Original Knowledge Analysis Yardstick

OKAY- Oll Korrect Assume You

OKAY- Online Knowledge Access YouTube

OKAY- One Key Access Yard

OKAY- 1k Amount You

OKAY- Only Keep Advance Yandex

OKAY- Organize Key Amendments Yourself

OKAY- Orientation Knowledge Appoint You

OKAY- Organize Knowledgeable abbreviation You Tube

OKAY- One Konnection Access Yardstick