Top 10 Real RDO Full Form

The full form of RDO stands for “Resource Development Officer” RDO is the key position to utilize including allocation of resources at the district level to mobilize financial and administrative resources for community development and social interventions. 

full form of rdo

RDO position is responsible to allocate all financial or social resources to the deserving and needy community through conducting the household income survey with the support of district-level govt officials. 

RDO position plays a bridge role between top management and local communities. RDO is responsible to arrange community-level meetings, conferences, and experience-sharing workshops with help of a regional-level management team. What Does Means of an NGO?

What Job Description of RDO?

Identify gaps and priorities to develop strategies for enhancing the resource base of the people.

Facilitate mobilization of resources for creating economic infrastructure and other assets.

Support initiatives that endorse participation, cost-sharing, and optimal coverage of households.

Develop an Annual Programme for infrastructure and NRM activities, through dialogue and discussion with potential partners in the multi-stakeholders.

Monitor implementation and set indicators for measuring the performance of the Annual Program.

Establish linkages with national and international networks for sharing experiences and lessons on management practices and technology in resource development.

Build partnerships with the community and public sector and introduce innovative pilot projects on the management of land, water, cultural resources, etc. Develop resource persons within the organization through training and development inputs. 


What Are the Responsibilities of RD Manager?

Resource development managers are responsible for managing the development, revenue, and implementation of resources for their organizations, as well as organizing revenue streams and providing information about new campaign programs. What is the full form of JOB?

Full-Form of RDO "Resource Development Officer"

Top 10 Real RDO Full Forms

RDO- Resource Development Officer

RDO- Revenue Development Officer

RDO- Remote Data Objects

RDO- Rural Development Organization

RDO- Regional District Officer

RDO- Record Documentation Officer

RDO- Risk Detection Officer

RDO- Remove Deficient Objects

RDO- Regional Development Officer

RDO- Report Development Officer


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