Top 10 Common PTI Full Form

The Full Form of PTI stands for “Pakistan Tehreek Insaf” PTI is the leading political party in Pakistan; Legendary Cricketer Imran Khan is the chairman of PTI and currently holds the Prime Minister position.

Top 10 Common Use PTI Full Forms

PTI has operating different programs i.e. Shoukat Khanum cancer hospital, NUML University, Ahsaas Program, Insaf Sehat Card, Insaf Tiger Force, and Insaf Students.

Another mega project of PTI is a billion-tree tsunami that is underway to make the country clean and green. KPK Govt is the leading performer so far.

Full-Form of PTI "Pakistan Tehreek Insaf"

Top 10 PTI Commonly Use Full Forms

PTI- Pakistan Tehreek Insaf

PTI- Press Trust of India

PTI- Part-Time Investment

PTI- Public Trust Initiatives

PTI- Provide Technical Instruments

PTI- Power Tech Initiatives

PTI- Put Technical Inputs

PTI- Pakistan Technical Institute

PTI- Progress Through Industries

PTI- Primary Teaching Institute


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