Full Form of BCC

Full Form of BCC

The full form of BCC Stand for “Blind Carbon Copy” The BCC is normally used to address the electronic conversation with the third person without mentioning the name in the recipient. The BCC communication is frequently used in official purpose to let know the concern official about the electronic communication between two sections to exchange the point of views or share work progress within keeping the higher concern authority in BCC for information.

Full Form of BCC

BCC in Gmail:

The BCC is the third option to address any person or concern to give information about the communication between two persons. The BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy which means the third person only gets know-how about communication and not to interfere between the sender and receiver of Gmail.

How to Use BCC?

While the user creates a new email message, the reply of message or forwards any email message to another person, if sender like to share the same with the third person, then user can add bcc option in the just below of the main address bar.

Full Form of BCC=  Blind Carbon Copy

Top 10 Full Forms of BCC Commonly Use

BCC- Blind Carbon Copy

BCC- Basic Control Channel

BCC- Boston Cooperative Committee

BCC- Bihar Culture Committee

BCC- Best Class Control

BCC- Baharat Community Canada

BCC- Behavior Change Communication

BCC- Baharat Company Customers

BCC- Bangalore Chennai Cities

BCC- Best Character Caption


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