Top 10 Book Full Form

The Full Form of BOOK stands for “Big Ocean of Knowledge”  the word book comprises just 4 words that can provide conciseness and deep knowledge of every aspect. 

Students from Montessori to master level education get benefits from the book. For an illiterate book is just a leaf of white paper. Book is the best friend to learn new things, broad knowledge, right guider, and source of knowledge for all students as well as for professionals. 

If you have permanent interaction with useful books, then you have the best source of knowledge. What is the meaning of Success?

Subjective Books:

In subjective books, a writer develops content specifically for the subject classes i.e. finance, marketing, human resource, management, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering, medical, agriculture, livestock, forestry, administration, and audit.

General Books:

In general books, a writer develops content for general students i.e. public relations, history, general knowledge, international relation,  sociology, economics, current affairs, philosophy, behavioral science,

Professional Books:

Case studies, Impact studies, progress reports, policy and procedures, progress reports, briefing notes, slides, notes for the record, meeting minutes, annual and bi-annual reports, audit reports, stock register, attendance register, record-keeping register, inventory register, service book, policy manuals.

Top 07 Key Parts of Book?

Title Page: The title page is the first part of the book to give the reader an impression of what about the book.

Copyright Claim: The author of the book has the copyright of any content written in the book. No one can copy or reproduce that content without permission.

Table of Content: Full summary detail of the whole content through a comprehensive list of all topics covered in the book.

Write-Up: Detail write-up with tables to ease the reader's understanding. The reader can easily understand the points through graphs.

Annexures: If the writer covered different topics in one book will differentiate all topics through annexures and it's easy to reach the page reader wants.

References: The writer provides true references to the book where the writer counts the messages or information. A good and trusty book reference is good for book owners.

Ending Story: the book author always tries to end the book with good and remember notes. So readers keep in mind all stories.

Full-Form of  BOOK “Big Ocean Of Knowledge”

Top 10 BOOK Full-Forms

BOOK- Big Ocean Of Knowledge

BOOK- Bio Optical Organized Knowledge

BOOK- Built-in Orderly Organized Knowledge

BOOK- Baby Only One Kiss

BOOK- Bold Optimistic Open Knowledge

BOOK- Bank of Original Knowledge

BOOK- Bridge of Official Key

BOOK- Beauty of Organized Knowledge

BOOK- Batting One over Knock

BOOK- Best of Online Keywords








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