Top 10 BTS Full Form

The full form of BTS stands for “Best Training Session” capacity building of employees is the key point to get succession in the market. 

The best training session is a turning point for a person to become the best market seller within a short period of time.

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Training Categories:

There are several methods of training provided by the human resource development organization i.e. presentations, slide share, group discussions, practical on market, or providing soft training material with CDS. What Does Mean of Success?

Type of Training:

Mainly 3 types of training running currently in the market, i.e.  Online training, offline training, reading materials or CDS, etc.

7 Key Elements of a Successful Training Programme:

Environment: For a successful training program, the trainer or facilitator should develop a neat and clean environment inside of the room and all things placed systematically.

Practical: The whole training session shouldn’t focus on theories; the trainer needs to experiment with some parts of training practically to give better examples.

Engaging: The master trainer should engage participants to put their feedback to make the session more useful. A group discussion and presentations from different groups will boost engagement.

Regular: A trainer should develop a session plan step by step to better understand. Regular attendance from all participants is mandatory and impose some fines if absent participants.

Programmed or systematic: A well-organized and systematic session plan is key to successful training conduction.  

Comprehensive:  Trainers focus on a deep understanding of the training module and make sure all groups get points clearly. Comprehensive sessions automatically finish the ambiguities. 

Documented: A training material should be in a hard form to distribute among the participants and periodically deliver handouts presentation for better understanding.

Conclusion: Conclude a training session with great hope to implement it in professional life. A certificate of participation distributes to all training participants.  Master trainers should collect the contact numbers including WhatsApp to create a group for experience sharing.

Full-Form of BTS “Best Training Session”

Top 10 BTS Full-Forms

BTS- Best Training Session

BTS- Behind the Scene

BTS- Before the Submission

BTS- Bank Total Staff

BTS- Build Training Skills

BTS- Bitcoin Trading Skills

BTS- Best Technical Solution

BTS- Before the Selection

BTS- Bank Transfer System

BTS- Bihar Training School

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